Identity Of Alleged Victim Kyle Chrisley Assaulted & Threatened To Kill

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After learning Todd Chrisley’s son Kyle was arrested for aggravated felony assault, fans of the reality TV family had a few simple questions:

  • What was the identity of Kyle Chrisley’s victim?
  • What caused the assault to transpire?

When the news broke last night, there wasn’t any information available regarding who Todd Chrisley’s son allegedly assaulted or why he allegedly assaulted them. Now, however, details of what transpired are starting to roll out.

For starters, the identity of Kyle’s alleged victim whom he reportedly assaulted and threatened to kill has been made public. So, who did he reportedly assault?

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Identity of Kyle Chrisley’s alleged victim revealed

According to TMZ, a Smyrna PD officer has come forward with some details following Kyle Chrisley’s arrest for aggravated assault. Per the alleged victim, Todd Chrisley’s son was reportedly preparing to stab him with a fixed-blade knife prior to his arrest.

Per the arrest warrant (obtained by TMZ), Kyle Chrisley allegedly threatened to stab and kill his boss. The report goes on to confirm Kyle’s boss was “battered and bruised.”

The arrest warrant identifies Deven Campbell as Kyle’s alleged victim claiming that (on Monday) Kyle struck Devon several times on both his face and his upper body. Per TMZ, the arrest warrant does not detail Kyle’s motive for assaulting his boss.

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Kyle Chrisley’s boss reportedly told police the reality TV alum wielded a fixed-blade knife that he threatened to stab and kill Devon with. The markings on Devon’s arms, hands, neck, and head served as all the evidence the cops needed to issue an arrest warrant for Kyle.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Kyle Chrisley’s mugshot was issued to the public. Unlike his parents’ mugshots, which are not being made public per federal prison policy protecting their right to privacy. Moreover, TV Shows Ace also reported that Kyle is no longer behind bars. He was released after posting his bail of $3,000.

Kyle is scheduled to appear in court on March 20th. No additional information has been released at this time. And, no one in the Chrisley family has issued a public statement regarding his arrest as of yet.

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Do you think Kyle Chrisley is going to end up doing time behind bars like his father? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming. Tv Shows Ace will report back as more information becomes available.

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  1. He tried to kill someone with a knife after beating them up…Yep he deserves time in prison for assault and attempted murder. The Chrisley family has become nothing more than a bunch of criminals. Well most of them anyways..

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