Todd Chrisley’s Son Arrested For Assault

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Shocking breaking news — Todd Chrisley’s son was arrested for felony aggravated assault. This news comes as an unexpected bombshell to Chrisley Knows Best fans as it’s been just two months since Todd and his wife Julie surrendered to their respective federal prisons. Which one of Todd Chrisley’s sons followed behind him to the slammer? What has been made public about the charges? And, is Todd Chrisley’s son still behind bars right now? Keep reading for what little has been made public about this surprising news.

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Todd Chrisley’s son arrested for felony assault

Per TMZ and Page Six, Todd Chrisley’s oldest son Kyle has been arrested for felony aggravated assault. Both outlets report very little has been made public about the details surrounding his arrest. Per both outlets, Todd Chrisley’s son was arrested and booked at Rutherford County Jail in Tennessee earlier today for felony aggravated assault. Both outlets go on to confirm Kyle Chrisley is no longer behind bars. He was released after posting his bail of $3,000.

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Multiple media outlets have reached out to local authorities, Kyle’s wife Ashleigh, and representatives of the family for additional details on what happened or why Kyle got arrested. Unfortunately, this breaking story is still developing and little information has been made public at this time.

It has been reported that Kyle Chrisley is scheduled to appear in court on March 20th.

Things have been tense for this family

As fans know, things have been pretty tense between Todd Chrisley and his son Kyle. Nanny Faye, however, never fell out of touch with Kyle. And, she warmed Todd up to the idea of reconnecting with his oldest son. The two ended up meeting in person, mending some fences, and as far as fans knew he had been doing much better with his life.

Kyle Chrisley got married to a beautiful woman named Ashleigh. And, the two had talked about the possibility of having children together one day.

Neither Kyle Chrisley nor his wife posts very often on social media. But, Kyle does pop into the comments of his siblings’ posts from time to time to shower them with support.

Are you surprised to learn one of Todd Chrisley’s sons has been arrested? Tv Shows Ace will continue to update as more details become available regarding what happened.

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