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Kailyn Lowry Leaves Kids Behind For Thailand Getaway

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Kailyn Lowry has left her children behind for a luxurious Thailand getaway. The Teen Mom alum is celebrating her 31st birthday with a friend but where are her kids? Read on for more details.

Kailyn Lowry Leaves Kids Behind For Thailand Getaway

For the past few weeks, Kailyn Lowry has been collecting tips for her upcoming adventure. It is no secret that she loves to travel and sometimes takes her boys with her. However, she recently shared herself packing for her Thailand trip in her Instagram story. She showed all of the essentials that she was bringing with her but she was leaving her kids at home. Kailyn is currently staying at Phulay Bay, part of the Ritz-Carlton.

Kailyn Lowry/IG
[Credit: Instagram]
According to The Sun, Kailyn is enjoying her time away. However, fans were not so thrilled with the fact that she took a luxury trip without her kids. Apparently, she took her nanny on the trip with her and fans shared their feelings about her trip on Reddit. “Kail brought her nanny on vaca to Thailand,” the thread started. Initially, followers believed that she needed the nanny there to help with her children. However, this is not the case. Therefore, fans felt that Kailyn was super nice for taking her nanny with her on the trip.

Kailyn Lowry/IG
[Credit: Instagram]
“If her kids are with her, then of course she did. She cannot handle going out with her kids on her own. If it’s just her and the nanny, tbh that’s super nice of Kail,” one noted. Another clarified the status of the trip: “She said this was a kid free trip and they would all be with their dads.” Finally, one Redditor seemingly clarified why Kailyn went on this trip with just her nanny: “So much random speculation in this post based on zero facts. She does not have her kids with her and her nanny is also her close friend. This is her 30th birthday trip that got postponed due to covid.”

Another Baby?

Some people were claiming that Kailyn Lowry did not have any friends so she took the nanny by default. To be fair, she is with four kids who all have different schedules. Therefore, she deserves a break, too. However, there is still speculation as to whether or not Kailyn had her fifth child a handful of months ago. That was pointed out in the thread, as well since it seemed in poor taste to leave an infant back home. “Not even the baby she’s hiding? It would make sense to take a baby and a nanny so you can relax and do whatever you want and not have to worry. That baby would be pretty young to leave at home even with dad.”

Kailyn Lowry has been both traveling and parenting for quite some time now so she clearly knows what she is doing. She needed a mommy break and she took one. Do you think that she should have brought her kids along? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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