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Kailyn Lowry Gets Emotional Over Son’s Latest Milestone

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One of Kailyn Lowry’s sons hit a major milestone and it has the Teen Mom alum extremely emotional. The mother of four (maybe five?) could not hide her feelings over this big day and with good reason. So, what exactly happened, and how did the family celebrate? Read on for more details.

Kailyn Lowry Gets Emotional Over Son’s Latest Milestone

With a handful of kids, it is easy to have a new milestone or moment quite frequently. Kailyn Lowry knows this all too well. The other day, the podcaster shared a montage of her son, Isaac’s 13th birthday celebration. She posted this to Instagram and it featured her other sons making cards for their brother. Additionally, there was footage of gifts including an iPhone, balloons, a cake, and much more. However, the big twist was that Isaac had no idea this was going on while he was upstairs.

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When he made his way to the stairs and saw all of the fanfare set up for his 13th, his reaction was priceless. He seemingly could not believe that it was all for him. Along with the video, Kaily Lowry shared a sweet message for the son she shares with her high school love, Jo Rivera. “Isaac. A son, brother, friend. I don’t always get super emotional on Instagram posts but this is a special occasion. Thirteen feels like such a milestone,” she started off the post.

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Kailyn went on to say that they have grown up together as she was just a teenager when she became pregnant with him. Furthermore, she pointed out that he accepts people for who they are and wishes more would be like him. It was an incredible tribute to a mother who obviously adores her child. More so, she is in shock that she now has a teenager and that they have come so far together. This truly is a milestone not just for Kailyn and Isaac but for the fans who actually watched his birth.

More Babies?

Kailyn Lowry will obviously have many more milestones to come as she has three other sons, Lincoln, Lux, and Creed. There have also been a lot of rumors swirling that she secretly welcomed baby number five. She has been dating her neighbor for a while and eagle-eyed fans noticed a plethora of clues. They believed that they heard a baby crying in the back of an Instagram video while Kailyn had given up coffee a few months prior. She has yet to confirm these rumors as she simply ignores them. In any case, this has been an emotionally driven but well-worth-it week.

Can you believe that Isaac is already thirteen? Are you feeling emotional and sentimental like Kailyn Lowry? Let us know in the comments below.

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