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Fans Spot Clues Kailyn Lowry Has Given Birth To Baby #5?

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Fans have, once again, spotted more clues that Kailyn Lowry has given birth to her fifth child. There have been many clues over the past several months. Recently, fans suspected that they heard a baby crying in the background of one of the Teen Mom alum’s Instagram videos. Now, it seems that Kailyn herself is letting it drop that she has a new baby. What hints have been given? Read on for more details.

Fans Spot Clues Kailyn Lowry Has Given Birth To Baby #5?

The mother of four has been tight-lipped about a fifth pregnancy other than to laugh it off. However, clues have been all over the place that eagle-eyed fans could not ignore. First off, they spotted a bump, or what they believed was a baby bump. Then, she was drinking tea instead of coffee. Finally, there was an audible sound of a baby in the background of one of her Instagram stories where her boys were playing around. There was also the fact that she removed her long acrylic nails after a long time wearing them and showed off a new natural look.

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Now, according to The Sun, it was a video posted to Kailyn’s Instagram on Tuesday that perked up fans. She and her son, Lux were promoting a collaboration between Dunkin’ and Grubhub. The two headed to the front door to see the goodies that had been left for them. Of course, her followers did not care about Dunkin’ or Grubhub but rather her alleged fifth baby.

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Immediately, they noticed that she was holding an iced coffee, something that she had given up a few months back. Plus, she was showing off her full body so they jumped to her comments: “Ok full body appearance, drinking coffee again? Not that subtle. Congrats on the new baby!” Another added: “do i spot a bottle scrubber (blurry but has a blue top) on the part where she and Lux are sitting at the counter with the coffee (after they get the donuts from the door?!).”

Just A Rumor?

Kailyn Lowry has yet to confirm that she gave birth or was even pregnant in the first place. One fan commented this in support of Kail’s secrecy: “she mentioned on one of her podcasts a couple months ago that she started drinking coffee again.” So even though she claimed she was quitting coffee, apparently it was only temporary. When fans recently asked her during a live about the baby, Kailyn avoided all of the questions.

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She has no reason to answer them if she is just tired of the rumors. Kailyn is simply just trying to work and live her life, and raise her four boys the best that she can. Sadly, if she says nothing, it fuels things further. Yet, this is her life and she will live it the best way that she sees fit. Until she addresses it completely, fans will keep looking for clues about baby number five.

Do you think Kailyn welcomed another baby but is keeping it under wraps? Let us know in the comments below.

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