Selena Gomez [Source: YouTube]

Selena Gomez Fesses Up To Lying, About What?

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Selena Gomez admits she’s been lying all this time. The former Disney star fessed up in a recent interview. This comes amid her ongoing feud involving Hailey Bieber and Kylie Jenner. Fans noticed that Selena has been posting a lot more on social media these days.

She first started posting regularly in January 2023. The “Rare” singer has been active on both TikTok and Instagram. It got her into trouble when she reignited a feud with Justin Bieber’s wife and her best friend. This caused her to take a temporary break from social media.

Now, the singer is opening up about why she lied. Keep on reading for more details.

Selena Gomez [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

Selena Gomez talks about her social media posts

In a new interview, Selena Gomez is opening up about her social media posts. She lied about how confident she felt about her body. For the past month, Selena got scrutiny for what she posted on social media. She recently told her followers to be a lot kinder and be mindful of mental health.

Selena gave the illusion that she didn’t care what people thought of her. However, she admitted that it was all a lie. The pop star opens up about her social media posts in a new episode of AppleTV+’s series Dear… She opened up about her fluctuating weight due to her health problems.

Selena Gomez Wears Strappy Bikini [Source: Selena Gomez - Instagram]
[Source: Selena Gomez – Instagram]
“I lied. I would go online and I would post a picture of myself and I would say, ‘It doesn’t matter. I’m not accepting what you’re saying,'” Selena Gomez explained. “All the while, being in the room posting and crying my eyes out because nobody deserves to hear those things.”

Selena didn’t like “being shamed for gaining weight because of my lupus.” She wanted to put a stop to the talk about her body. The Rare Beauty founder wanted to exude this layer of confidence, but it was eating her up inside. Selena would make it look like she didn’t care when it was the exact opposite.

Former Disney star fesses up to lying

Some fans have noticed times when Selena Gomez admitted that she didn’t care what body shamers had to say about her. Back in 2022, she took to TikTok to share: “I don’t care about my weight because people b**** about it anyway.”

The Only Murders in the Building star wants to be open and honest with her fans. She previously opened up about her mental health struggles in the AppleTV+ documentary, My Mind and Me. She also released the 2022 song that put her feelings on display. Selena even talks about being a role model for others by being open and vulnerable.

What are your thoughts on Selena Gomez fessing up to lying? Does this surprise you? Have you ever done something similar? Sound off below in the comment section.

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