Brooklyn Willie Blindsided, Shares Feelings For Zach Shallcross

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Brooklyn Willie became one of the latest girls to be surprised by their elimination on The Bachelor. Zach Shallcross sent Willie, Kat Izzo, and Greer Blitzer home on the latest episode. This left his final four, Charity Lawson, Ariel Frenkel, Gabi Elnicki, and Kaity Biggar.

Brooklyn did get to go on a date with Zach and ride in a mode of transportation that’s become a Bachelor staple, the hot air balloon. At the end of the date, she didn’t get the coveted rose as the leading man told her he didn’t feel like they had a future. It surprised a lot of fans who truly thought she was in the running for the final four.

Brooklyn Willie Felt Blindsided By The Send Off

According to Reality Tea, Zach told her he couldn’t give her the love she deserved. More so, Zach said he knew they had a strong connection but something wasn’t clicking between them. They both cried and Brooklyn thanked him for his honesty. Finally, he walked her to the limo and sent her on her way.

Brooklyn Willie, Instagram
Brooklyn Willie, Instagram

When asked if she had feelings left for Zach, she said they don’t ever go away. She went on to say, “if anyone ever has any doubts about me, that’s not someone I truly want to be with.” Additionally, she’s not giving up on finding the right one for her. In a post to Instagram, she revealed she’s grateful for the opportunity. She said, “I truly feel I was able to find myself again after having been so lost for so long. Thank you @zachshallcross for always providing a safe space.” Willie also said she made lifelong friends with the other women. While she didn’t find love with Zach, she did find love with them.

What Type Of Man Does She Want?

Brooklyn Willie knows what she’s looking for and she hopes her future partner is similar to Zach. She wants someone who is emotionally intelligent. Brooklyn said Zach could speak his truth well, he didn’t lead anyone on. She also wants a man who can have hard conversations and is able to receive them. For his part, Zach agreed that the feelings don’t go away with a goodbye. He said, “the feelings just don’t evaporate once you make that decision.”

Brooklyn Willie, Instagram
Brooklyn Willie, Instagram

Willie also opened up about having an ex who was abusively gaining her a lot of support from people with similar experiences. They were pulling for her to find love. She felt overwhelmed by the support she received. Brooklyn feels like if she helped just one person then that’s why God put her through it.

What do you think about Brooklyn’s exit? Were you surprised after their date that Zach felt that way? Comment with your thoughts below.

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