HBO Max Changes Name, Teases New Shows Soon

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Nick Davis

HBO Max has been preparing for some big changes for a while now. It’s been known that there’s something in the pipeline ever since the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery in 2022. Warner Bros.’s primary streaming service has been HBO Max, while Discovery obviously has Discovery+. The murmurs around the net have been that HBO Max and Discovery+ would be merging at some point. It appears that those murmurs were true and that an official announcement is just around the corner. A new report seems to confirm this fact along with several other key details about the new streaming service amalgamation.

A New HBO Max

The official report on this combination of HBO Max and Discovery+ comes from Bloomberg. Both services will be combining seemingly at some point in 2023 to form a new service simply known as “Max”.

discovery plus logo
The logo for Discovery+

The new service supposedly will maintain a similar pricing model to HBO Max. With a cheaper $10 tier with ads, a $16 tier without ads, and an even higher $20 tier with luxury features like higher quality video among other things. One of the biggest aspects of this info is the content that will be coming to the new service. Apparently, it will be all of the content that is currently available on both HBO Max and Discovery+. That means a massive amount of reality television and informational shows from Discovery+. That combined with HBO’s huge catalog of critically-acclaimed dramas and comedies.

the deadliest catch season 18
A shot from ‘The Deadliest Catch’ Season 18

HBO Max has had a bit of controversy recently with some of the changes under the new Warner Bros CEO David Zaslav. Shows like Westworld have gotten cancellations along with many projects in the pipes. Additionally, many shows have been taken down from the platform altogether. Many are wondering if these shows will return in the new iteration of the platform that’s coming. There is no official word on this yet. But the actual announcement is set to come this April. Hopefully, we’ll get more concrete details about all of this then.

The Discovery+ Catalog

HBO Max subscribers may be pretty thrilled to learn that they’ll soon have access to the entire Discovery catalog on top of the HBO catalog. There are a lot of major shows, both new and old, in the Discovery library. Hit shows like Deadliest CatchMythBusters, and Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives. This adds everything from nature to food and even TLC shows to the HBO Max library. So it’s a pretty massive expansion in the amount of variety of content available on the already impressive platform. This could launch HBO Max from one of the hottest streamers in the game to the top of many people’s lists.

The official announcement for the merger between HBO Max and Discovery+ is supposed to take place in early-to-mid April.

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