Fans Cancel After Discovery+ Fails To Air ’90 Day Fiance’ Early

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Fans are canceling discovery+ in droves after learning that they cannot watch the new season of 90 Day Fiance early. It was something subscribers learned last Sunday. This was the day of the Season 4 premiere of The Other Way. Figuring that it just had to do with the premiere, fans gave it an extra week. Now, they are canceling the service left and right and taking to social media about it.

Fans Cancel After Discovery+ Fails To Air 90 Day Fiance Early

One of the best features of discovery+ is the ability to watch shows early. Sister Wives was one fan favorite that viewers were able to see as soon as they woke up. Plus, it was commercial-free and could be viewed hours before while the rest of the world had to wait until it aired live on TLC. Now, things are changing and subscribers are now happy with the changes that are being made. Earlier today, fans went to go watch Episode 2 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

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Now in Season 4, there were cast members that still had yet to be introduced. Additionally, it runs two hours long with commercials so streaming it makes it significantly shortened. Unfortunately, viewers were angered when they saw that there was no Episode 2 to see just yet. They were going to have to see it with everyone else which was infuriating. Soon, fans took to Twitter to express their anger at what happened. More so, they revealed that they had canceled their service.

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“Disovery+ is pointless now! Toodles to you b*tches. see y’all at 8pm since no more early access to shows,” one person tweeted. They also included a screengrab of their canceled service. Another added: “2nd week in a row. I canceled. What’s the point of even having it.” Others included that the streamer just wants everyone to watch the shows together. However, that is not the reason why many signed up for it in the first place.

What Can Be Done?

It appears that the best thing to do is to keep tweeting and make your voice heard. 90 Day Fiance fans had no problem tweeting directly at discovery+ today and sharing their feelings. The more who express their anger, threaten to cancel or actually go through it, the more that the streaming service will see the disservice they are doing.

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All the diehard loyal fans want is to watch their shows early and then possibly binge and rewatch them again later. There is nothing wrong with that at all especially if they are paying a fee for such a service. Just keep making some peaceful noise and hopefully, they will listen.

Have you canceled your discovery+ service or thought about it due to a lack of early programming? Let us know your thoughts and watch 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Yeah I’m about to cancel discovery+ too! I pay so it is my choice if I want to see it early. Especially if I have to get up early Monday morning I want to watch my programs early. I also want all those commercials off too. There are way too many commercials. I see 30 minutes of a one hour show due to 30 minutes of commercials. And if I see a 2 hours of episode I see 1 of commercials. I don’t like this either. Discovery+ you better do better before I will cancel my order. It’s not worth it.

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