‘LPBW’ Audrey Roloff Spills TLC Residuals Tea On Matt Roloff?

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Audrey Roloff did another Q&A session on her Instagram Stories recently and she claimed her husband reaps no benefits of being pimped out on a reality TV series at an early age by his father. The former TLC personality claims they didn’t see any money from the network and they still don’t see any money from Matt in residuals.

Fans took to Reddit to discuss the claims Audrey Roloff has made on her Instagram Stories and they appear to have some pretty mixed feelings about it.

Did Matt Roloff withhold money from his son Jeremy?

For starters, LPBW fans point out the fact that reality TV shows on TLC typically have contracts with anyone over 18. So, Matt and Amy would have had the contracts and were getting the payments. This means Jeremy Roloff likely wasn’t getting payments as a child on the show. But, fans assume the same is true of Jacob and Zach as well.

As an adult, Zach Roloff made the decision to stay on the show. And, fans assume he and his wife now have their own contract with TLC and are getting their own money. Audrey and Jeremy, however, walked away from the show. So, no TLC money for them.

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Does TLC offer residuals to their reality TV stars?

The OP of the thread discussing whether Jeremy and Audrey Roloff get any TLC money explained that Audrey revealed Matt withholds residuals that Jeremy should be entitled to because of the show. In the comments, however, fans pointed out that residuals were not really a thing that TLC did for any of their reality TV stars. Across all of their shows, cast members work out contracts with the network that usually involve a pay-per-episode or a pay-per-season. TLC has never been a network that worked out a deal for residuals so their stars could continue to benefit from the show.

Audrey Roloff - LPBW - YouTube
Audrey Roloff – LPBW – YouTube

Is Audrey Roloff being greedy and hypocritical?

Fans point out that Audrey and Jeremy likely left the show hoping they would get a spin-off focused on just them and their family. These same fans also point out that Jeremy and Audrey are massive hypocrites as they benefit financially from their huge followings on social media that are 100 percent because of the reality TV show. Audrey has made it big with her essential oil MLM business and that is because she has tons of followers thanks to her husband’s famous family.

So, fans are having a hard time buying what Audrey is selling and think she’s just being greedy about money at this point.

Audrey Roloff- TLC
Audrey Roloff- TLC

One frustrated fan pointed out: “They CLEARLY have plenty. I don’t feel sorry for them at all. They have multiple houses and buy frivolous sh*t and Jeremy had money right off the bat out of high school to marry and buy their first house so no, I don’t feel sorry for them at all. TLC or their parents obviously gave them funds to start out in life buying a house n sh*t. And does he hold a job has he ever even worked?”

Another chimed in: “residuals, for what? As far as I know the show isn’t airing reruns. Yeah, they’re on Discovery+ or whatever but nobody gets paid every time you stream an episode. Those are already bought. Only episodes reaired over broadcast pay the sweet, sweet, resids money.”

Unfortunately for Audrey Roloff, fans were not interested in joining this pity party.

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  1. Why do they all go after Matt? Amy don’t give out any of her money to them. Amy also got remarried they were fine with that. All of the shows that I saw they all were always playing while Matt was working. No one has a real job. They want it even from the taxpayers.

    1. I dont think jeremy or audrey work and who can go to disneyland if they dont work and leaves one of there kids home. And audrey is so jealous of zack and tori. The only reason they went to disneyland was because zach and tori went. At least zach and tori took all there children.

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