Audrey Roloff Shares Amusement Park Parenting Hack


Audrey Roloff, from Little People, Big World finds herself in the hot seat often. Ever since she and her husband, Jeremy Roloff left the show, they have gotten a lot of negative attention. They exited to become parents and raise their children away from the cameras. Audrey just can’t seem to escape the spotlight though. She posts multiple times a day on social media, even on vacation. In her latest post, she shared a wonderful distraction for her children while waiting in line to get on a ride.

Disneyland And Parenting Hacks

From Disneyland, Audrey Roloff shared a picture of one of her new favorite toys on Instagram. It looks as if the family was waiting in line to get on a ride at the amusement park. Of course, having young children means that they will get a little impatient. She shared this toy with her fans in hopes that they could use it as a distraction as well. She captioned the photo, “The bubble makers have been the best entertainment in between things. So worth it. And they will replace the batteries for free if they run out.”

Audrey Roloff- Instagram
Audrey Roloff- Instagram

This post was good to see from Audrey since a lot of her posts show off her poor choices in parenting. This bubble maker looks as if it will be something that her kids will love for years to come. It clearly had them distracted and it looks as if this was her saving grace while they were at Disneyland.

Audrey Roloff Gets Backlash For Leaving

When Audrey announced that she and her family were going to Disneyland, fans were concerned that she was copying her sister-in-law, Tori Roloff’s idea. Tori and Zach have taken their children there for a few years now. However, this is the first time that Audrey has taken hers. Not only did she get hate for this, but she has got hate for leaving some of her animals while they went on vacation.

Audrey Roloff- Instagram
Audrey Roloff- Instagram

Before the Roloffs left for Disneyland, Audrey shared that they had some newborn chicks. If you know anything about animals, you know that chicks need to be looked after until they are in their “teen years.” They cannot be left and they need constant care or they will die. Her fans asked why she would leave them if they are only one week old. A fan wrote to her, “Why is she getting chicks today but then going away for a while week? Day/week old chicks are a lot and require supervision and bonding.”

What do you think of Audrey’s parenting hack? More so, are you shocked that she and her husband abandoned their baby chicks to go away? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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