‘LPBW’ Fans Not Impressed As Audrey Roloff Violates Private Texts

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From Little People, Big World, Audrey Roloff has gotten a lot of backlash since leaving the show. She and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, decided that they wanted to be out of the spotlight of reality TV. However, she hasn’t stopped clawing her way back into the spotlight. In fact, she is very active on social media and posts about two to three times a day! Known for her oversharing, Audrey gets a lot of hate from her followers and now it looks as if she is getting more negative attention while on vacation.

Did Audrey Roloff Violate Her Family?

Just recently, on her Instagram account, Audrey Roloff shared a lot of personal information with fans. She actually decided that she would share a text from her father. They were talking about some moments in her childhood. Of course, Audrey just had to share with her fans. As they were texting back and forth, they talked about her ski trip and the last time she was there. Then they talked about her trip to Hawaii. That is when she shared the texts from her father. He wrote to her, “Last time you were in Leavenworth was your freshman year 2006. We took a red-eye home from spring break in Hawaii.”

Audrey Roloff- TLC
Audrey Roloff- TLC

Her father went on to talk about how they waxed their skis and she had a race the next day. “You got 4th at district in 1500 that year,” he added. When she posted the texts, she wrote, “This text from my dad so perfectly describes my family and my life growing up.” As soon as her fans saw that she and Jeremy had decided to go to Hawaii too, they had a lot to say about how she shares too much on social media!

Fans React To Private Texts

Of course, Audrey Roloff has her ways of sharing too much on social media. From her ever-disappearing wrinkles and using too many filters, she gets a lot of hate. As soon as her followers saw these texts, they know that they had to add their opinions. One wrote, “We get it, Audrey, you’ve always been an out-of-touch privileged person. This is just another not-so-humble brag.” Another added, “I feel like she prompted this. Asked him about the last time they were in Leavenworth of it he remembered when they had been skiing there last. Anything to flex about her high school days.”

Audrey Roloff-Instagram
Audrey Roloff-Instagram

Not only did she show off these texts, but she also added to her Story and fans seemed thrown off by her. She took a picture of her three children with her. They all had a lei on and she captioned it, “Now to discover how we do in one hotel room after all day travel.” Many fans told her that even this came off as snarky and that she deserved to have another room.

What do you think about Audrey Roloff’s attitude? Does she share too much online? Does she come off as privileged? Let us know in the comments below. Stay with TV Shows Ace for more Little People, Big World.

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