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Audrey Roloff Gets Roasted For Abandoning Baby Chicks?

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Audrey Roloff of Little People, Big World shockingly admitted the decision to abandon nearly newborn baby chicks to take her family on another vacation during an attempt to be relatable with her 1.6M Instagram followers. She revealed this surprising tidbit of information on an Instagram Stories post. A post that was shared on Reddit as fans immediately blasted her for oversharing, again.

Jeremy Roloff’s wife gets relateable with fans

Jeremy Roloff’s wife shared what fans describe as an attempt to be relatable on her Instagram Stories. The post featured her saying “morning” with an upside-down smiley face. She proceeded to give her followers an update on how things were going for her. Unfortunately, she revealed she was up all night because one of her children kept throwing up. Audrey admitted it was bad timing as they were trying to get ready for a trip they were going on next week.

Audrey Roloff also told her followers she was going to try to switch to decaf coffee. Moreover, she was excited because they were getting some baby chicks today!

Audrey Roloff - LPBW - YouTube
Audrey Roloff – LPBW – YouTube

Audrey Roloff roasted for abandoning baby chicks

While there was a lot to unpack with this Instagram Stories post, fans were disgusted that Audrey was getting baby chicks when she knew she was getting ready to go on a vacation. And, there were quick to blast her for this decision.

One individual questioned: “How do they plan to leave 1 week old chicks alone for more than half a day?”

“Why is she getting chicks today but then going away for a whole week?? Day/week old chicks are a lot and require supervision and bonding,” a second frustrated fan chimed in.

Audrey Roloff - Instagram
Audrey Roloff – Instagram

A third agreed: “I was going to say this too! We just got our new chicks a few weeks ago and we go out there to check their feed and water many times a day- plus the snuggling.”

“Maybe Jackson is going to take care of them. He has experience raising chickens and seems to be the only Roloff with a good work ethic,” a fourth fan jokingly piled onto the conversation.

Overall, fans thought it was disgusting and irresponsible that she was getting baby chicks immediately before going on a vacation. Fans asked why she couldn’t wait till they got back to get the chicks. Moreover, fans just hoped someone more responsible, like little Jackson, would be stepping in to give the chicks the care and attention they need.

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