Tammy Willingham Lost More Than Just Weight, See Pic Dump

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Tammy Willingham shocked EVERYONE with a surprising post on her Instagram last night. Outside of one post on Valentine’s Day, it had been a year since the last time Tammy posted anything on her Instagram profile.

Just taking the time to post on her Instagram, however, wasn’t the only thing that sent shockwaves through the 1000-Lb. Sisters fanbase. Fans also did a double take as they couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw these stunning selfies of Tammy. Fans were in agreement that she looked like a whole new person and really “proved everyone wrong” with this latest update.

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Tammy Willingham is a new woman with curly red locks

Shockingly, the lump of fat has completely melted from Tammy’s face. With it, her eyes have really opened up and fans admit they had no idea Tammy had such big and beautiful eyes. Thanks to her massive amount of weight loss, the TLC personality may have skin removal surgery in the future as the extra skin from the weight loss in her face is now hanging below her neck. But, the extra skin hanging doesn’t bother fans too much as they are just in awe of how much weight Tammy has lost!

As Tv Shows Ace previously reported, Tammy Willingham did make a surprising change to her appearance when she decided to color her hair red. The selfies she posted on her Instagram gave fans another unfiltered look at her ruby-red curly locks.

One other thing fans noticed about these selfies was the fact that Tammy no longer had a trach in her neck. And, they were thrilled to see this!

Tammy Willingham - Instagram
Tammy Willingham – Instagram

Fans shocked, proud of the TLC star

Fans rushed to the comments in waves to praise Tammy Willingham and encourage her to keep up the great work. One fan noted that Tammy really “proved everyone wrong” with her impressive weight loss. Here’s some of what other fans said in her comments:

  • “Omg Tammy you look amazing! And no more trach! I have cried on every episode this season! You freakin did it girl! I am so proud of you!”
  • “Time to start doing makeup tutorials again!!!!”
  • “Wow, what a big difference keep going Tammy”

Many fans called attention to the positivity in Tammy’s comments being a nice change and they hoped she’d keep moving in the right direction so she could live a long life with her husband, Caleb.

Tammy Willingham - Instagram
Tammy Willingham – Instagram

What do you think about these selfies of Tammy Willingham? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more!

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