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Tammy Slaton Willingham Replaces Food With Special Animal?

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Has Tammy Slaton Willingham managed to safely transfer her addiction from food to something else?

Food addiction, comfort, and transfer addiction

TLC personalities like Tammy Slaton Willingham get to where they are/were with their weight issues largely because they find comfort in food. These tend to be individuals who have endured great trauma and find comfort at the bottom of a bowl or plate of food. Some TLC individuals who struggle with weight loss admit they even find comfort in gaining weight by eating because they don’t have to worry about people hurting them if no one likes them because of their size.

Unfortunately, finding comfort in food is a form of addiction, and transfer addiction is a real thing. So, there is always a risk that if Tammy Slaton is able to give up her addiction to the food she will just transfer that addiction elsewhere.

Tammy Slaton- TLC

This is where getting therapy tends to be crucial for individuals who struggle with their weight. Without getting to the bottom of why a person finds comfort in food addiction, the transfer of the addiction to something just as unhealthy is extremely possible.

Tammy Slaton finds comfort elsewhere

Fortunately, fans realize that Tammy Slaton Willingham has managed to find comfort in something other than a food addiction. And, once they realized it their hearts filled with joy as it was a completely healthy comfort for Tammy to transfer to. What is Tammy finding comfort in instead of food these days?

On Reddit, fans are calling attention to the fact that Tammy Slaton Willingham has been holding adorable stuffed animals during interviews on the show. Fans realized this stuffed animal is more than just a stuffed animal. It is an alternative to finding comfort in food. And, fans LOVE this for Tammy Slaton.

One fan penned calling attention to it: “It really warms my heart when I see Tammy holding on to her stuffed animals in her interviews. I think it’s so amazing that she’s gotten to a place where she can be soft and find comforts that aren’t destructive. That energy is very clearly emanating to those around her and it’s so refreshing to see such a positive ‘character arc.'”

Tammy Willingham - Youtube

Another fan chimed in: “As soon as I saw her doing that, I knew it was for comfort and it warmed my heart.”

Some fans speculated the stuffed animal might’ve been a gift from Caleb. And, that made the realization even sweeter.

Did you realize Tammy Slaton had managed to transfer finding comfort in food to finding comfort in stuffed animals? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TLC news.

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