Paula Abdul Recalls Jennifer Hudson’s ‘American Idol’ Elimination

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Paula Abdul recalled Jennifer Hudson’s American Idol elimination in her latest appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show. The former American Idol judge talked about Jennifer’s shocking elimination which was almost 20 years ago. Paula even admitted that people still confront her about the EGOT winner’s elimination to this day. So, what more did Paula Abdul reflect on in this conversation with Jennifer Hudson? Keep reading to find out the details.

Paula Abdul Admits Jennifer’s Eliminated Irked Viewers

On Thursday, Paula appeared on the talk show. She reflected on how everyone was still upset to this day about Jennifer’s elimination. The 60-year-old admitted that people always ask her why the If This Isn’t Love singer was eliminated so quickly.

She said, “Oh my goodness. I mean, that was a moment. When you were eliminated, it was like the whole world was pissed!”

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Hudson added that people still approach her too and vent over her unjust elimination in the YouTube clip. She explained that her fans are still mad about it almost two decades later.

Paula Abdul agreed and said, “It’s true! I’m sure they come up to you. I mean, people still talk to me about, ‘God, that night that Jennifer Hudson was eliminated.’ I go, ‘I know.’”

Paula Abdul Claims She Knew Jennifer Was Meant For Greatness

However, Abdul revealed that she knew right away that Jennifer’s elimination from American Idol was the start of a bigger and better journey. She said, “I remember interviewing you after, when I was on Entertainment Tonight, and I said, ‘You know, I have a feeling some amazing things are going to happen to you.’”

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The singing reality show judge recalled that she advised Hudson with her wise words. She explained that people that need to win, win. However, the ones that don’t need to win tend to end up winning big time and so did Jennifer Hudson.

As the moment got emotional, Hudson reached out for Paula Abdul’s hand and thanked her for the encouragement. She also appreciated her for standing by her.

Simon Cowell Admits It Wasn’t Jennifer Hudson’s Fault

Paula isn’t the only former American Idol judge that has been on The Jennifer Hudson Show. In September 2022, Simon Cowell too sat down with Jennifer Hudson and talked about her elimination. She completely blamed it on the week’s theme that celebrated Barry Manilow’s music.

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At the time, he said, “Who chose stupid Barry Manilow Week? It wasn’t me. It was not a great song. Of course, it wasn’t your fault and then, of course, what happened, happened.”

So, who do you think was responsible for Jennifer Hudson’s elimination from American Idol Season 3? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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