Sherri Shepherd Warns Jennifer Hudson To Stay In Her Lane

Sherri Shepherd and Jennifer Hudson - YouTube

Sherri Shepherd and Jennifer Hudson both kicked off their new talk shows on Monday and things are already getting HEATED between the two of them. As talk shows fans know, Sherri Shepherd’s talk show took over the slot previously occupied by Wendy Williams. Jennifer Hudson, on the other hand, took over the slot previously occupied by Ellen DeGeneres.

Just a few days after these two talk shows premiered, things are getting heated as Sherri Shepherd wasted no time firing shady shots at her rival Jennifer Hudson. According to The Sun, Sherri issued a had a stern message for her rival talk show host as she warned Jennifer to stay in her own lane.

Sherri Shepherd - Instagram
Sherri Shepherd – Instagram

Sherri Shepherd warns Jennifer Hudson to stay in her lane

During today’s broadcast of her show, Sherri wanted to make it crystal clear that her rival Jennifer Hudson needed to stay in her own lane. She wouldn’t stand for Jennifer poaching any of Sherri’s behind-the-scenes crew members. Sherri presented this warning by first telling a story of a night she spent hanging out with friends.

According to Sherri, one of her producers actually helped her plan out the fun evening. She doted on how above and beyond her producers were always willing to go. She identified her star producer before warning Jennifer Hudson not to go anywhere near him.

I called my producer, my super-producer, Patrick, right here. Patrick, who’s my super-producer, so don’t be trying to take him, Jennifer Hudson! Leave him alone!”

Sherri Shepherd’s warning to Jennifer Hudson may have not been too well received by the viewers at home. According to chatter on social media, the talk show host is getting a lot of backlash for her “mean girl” approach to conversations.

Presently, it does not appear as if Jennifer Hudson has responded to the warning her rival Sherri issued. Nor are viewers even sure if Jennifer Hudson realizes she’s in some weird turf war with Sherri.

What do you think about the shady shots Sherri fired at Jennifer? Will the talk show host last if she keeps popping off at people? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more news related to talk shows.

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  1. Watch yourself Sherri! Make sure what you say and do doesn’t come back on you sista!! You and Jennifer are both new at this, give yourselves time to adjust! Don’t come out the gate with drama!! Take it down! Take one day and one show at a time! Chill!

    1. First of Sherri Shepherd has experience she had been a host on The view and she been a fill in for Wendy so you don’t always know what you’re talking about and you need to have several seats and I mean several

    2. Sherri needs to chill and stop throwing shade. Sherri “my shows are live and Jennifer’s are pre-taped”! So what Sherri. Throw sisterly Love.De

      1. I totally agree with you Ms Dee! I’ma even take it a step further…Sherri SLOW YOUR ROLL!! Experienced or not, you my friend are no Wendy Williams and I don’t care what you do or who you have on you never will be! Now I hate to get like this, I was 110% in your corner, but with you being nasty like this I’ma take a step back. I wish you no ill will, but I will take a step back.

    3. As usual comments made by a black women are portrayed as ” the angry black woman.” It’s the media making what Sherri said more than what it is. Both hosts are super talented and I’m quite certain Hud can get her own super talented producer without having to take someone else’s so back off with all the negativity!!!

  2. One season is all I predict for the the deadbeat Mom,,, if it was a man neglecting HIS child by a surrogate there would be a lot of chatter. 👎🏽👎🏽for her show..

    WENDY get well..

    1. I was not blown away by Sherri’s show. However, I’m going to give it some time. Haven’t watched Jennifer’s show yet but plan to. I hope this is just a publicity stunt to draw people to their show because it’s not kool if Sherri said and meant that. Love both ladies and their talent. Best wishes to both, and I pray Ms. Wendy gets better real soon.

    2. Sherri was renewed for 2 more seasons while Jennifer only got 1 season renewed. Sherri got 4 Emmy nominations, Jennifer didn’t.

  3. I won’t watch Sherry Shepherd I think they brought her on at the wrong time and I don’t think she did well with Wendy by taking that time slot I believe that Jennifer Hudson has made her name more than Sherry Shepherd she is more loved than Sherry Shepherd I will continue to watch Jennifer Hudson I think she is a great asset to daytime TV I think she’s classy I think she’s down to earth I think Sherry Shepherd is fake and sneaky

    1. agree i dont watch her she is to aggressive after her talk with sharon osborne. i do not watch anything she is on. and I wont. she set her up thats not good publicity thats backstabbing. watch out all who go on her show. I say she needs to go. she needs to chill.

      1. You have the wrong person and talk show; you are referring to Sheryl Underwood who has nothing to do with the subject of this thread and Sharon WAS the aggressor btw

    2. I never ever could understand why Sherry made it to her own talk show. Annoying woman. Is that the best they could do? Love Jennifer Hudson.. an EGOT ……. Come on, Sherry, you are way out of your league.

    3. It’s perfectly normal for two people on the same level at some point present a challenge . Both of them are loved tremendously no need to attack.

  4. Sherri it’s room enough for the both of you to be TV hosts and I’m proud of you both so don’t start ridiculing already because you’re both strong black women so hold up each other up because you have a little more experience. Keep the Faith!!!!! Love ❤️

    1. Please stop calling black women “strong”. This nonsense is why doctors don’t give black women medical attention and why society is insensitive to the needs and pain of black women. Black women are just as fragile as any other women.

  5. I Think Sherry and Jennifer are just friendly competition, I don’t think there’s any beef between them.Remember Jennifer did invite Sherry to her birthday party, so I think it’s all the hype of the media. I feel that they are both to mature, intelligent and classic to start mess like that. Good luck to both of them.

    1. Think they should have put them both on at the same time I think they did that to set one of them up or both I haven’t seen Jennifer but I’m quite sure they’re both do great and they both stay in their own lanes and not bad mouth each other

    2. Agreed…. This article created more drama than need be .. two beautiful sistas definitely room for both and I promise they both want each other to win

    3. What, I see no beef at all. Sherri was just being silly, it seems to me, like… “hey girl hey, we got shows!🤣🤣🤣 I’ll be supporting both of them, not started drama where there is none!!!

  6. Sherri Shepherd should act like the Christian woman she claims too be, pray that God’s favor and blessings are with you for each and every show that you host.. there’s room for all well produced shows that features excellent guest.

  7. First of all; I love Sherri Shepherd, and find her funny and much more entertaining than Wendy Williams. As a matter of fact; I had stopped watching the show until Sherri became a guest host. I think her comment about Jennifer Hudson was in jest, and not to be taken seriously; but it accomplished it’s purpose in creating a lot of media hype. Good luck to both of them in their new ventures.

    1. Well, I don’t watch talk shows like that. But, can’t we all just get along. Sherri is more gossip don’t see her having serious conversations with people. As for Jennifer can’t say either way. But, I just ask that you act like ladies and do your shows.

  8. I hope the comment was made in jest! We don’t need that kind of drama amongst my sistas. I speak blessings on both shows and hope they both do well!! If Sherri was serious I’m gonna have to pray for her, Jennifer would never come out the gate foul like that.

  9. They should have given Sherri her own branding, etc… it’s not cool that she’s riding in on Wendy’s coat tails. Wendy worked too hard to build her own brand for Sherri to be plugged into it.

  10. I think she was only joking..can’t anyone joke anymore without people getting bent outta shape, looking for something that’s not there, reading too much into it..why is everyone so damn sensitive? all these talk shows not gonna last anyways..too much of the same thing.

  11. I wish they had given a show to Michelle Visage and Lisa Remini rather than Sherri Sheperd. They were much more entertaining. I watched Wendy every day but have not and will not watch Sherri. Bye girl bye!

    1. Sherri is rude and out of order!!
      There is enough room on TV for both ladies
      I look at Sherri now with raised eyebrows!
      I probably won’t watch her show because she has a stink attitude!!!😞

  12. Don’t do that please, both of these ladies are fine. Sherri is not the type to start drama. Find something else to pick at but not them please.

  13. l am happy for both of them. They are both smart, and entertaining. I am also enjoying the fashionable clothes they wear. They provide some light hearted fun to daytime TV. With all the negative things going on in the world we need more fun shows like theirs.

  14. This is exactly what they want. 2 black women coming for each other this is what sells. drama. Jennifer spoke highly of Sherri today. Please don’t start this. We have enough in beefing going on in Reality shows we dont need it in Talk shows.

  15. First of all Sherri helped bump Wendy out of her Space so that says it all about her big greedy mouth Self? She’s a Straight Hater for whom Jennifer will ignore her and Focus more on Keeping in Her Dust? I don’t Really care for Sherri never will inside she’s still that Big Head, Chunky Wannabee who don’t Put in the Work? Keep up the Good Work Jennifer?

  16. WOW! This is sooo sad…Has it really come to this, what are we doing??? Just think about how long it has taken us as a people to get this far…Here we have two successful Black Women within their own rights, with totally two different talents, which truly is a blessing within itself. I’m hoping that this not true, and neither one has any animosity towards one another…. It should be room for them both to succeed!

    Keeping them in Prayer

  17. First of all Sherri Sherperd is great I watched her everytime she hosted the Wendy show because she was funny & she make the show interesting, Wendy Williams was great but her health comes first I loved watching Wendy but for now I
    rather Wendy focus on getting better I wish her well, at first
    I really couldn’t see Jennifer Hudson doing a talk show but I watch her on her second day she did a good job but I love watching sherri Sherperd she keeps my eyes glued to her talk show , & I don’t think Sherri Sherperd have any problem with Jennifer Hudson it was just a joke but anyway I wish both talk shows well, love you Sherri Sherperd keep doing a excellent job I’ll be watching ❤❤❤❤!!!

  18. Don’t like Sherri period. I will not watch her show. However. I will be watching Jennifer. She will not be around long. Bye Sherri!.

  19. Look here they are both beautiful black intelligent strong women
    I pray its no drama because it’s room for everyone to grow with lots of fun and laughter.
    I enjoy them both
    Ladies just have Fun😊

  20. My question is why this woman feels the need to write about an off-handed remark. The divide and conquer strategy is always being employed and the jealous are always at work when it comes to black successful women. Stay woke.

  21. Why are people trying to start foolishness??? Let these two woman do what they were hired to do. Stop pitting them against one another. There is room enough for both QUEENS!!! I have been watching both shows. Keep up the great work, Ladies❣

  22. This writer obviously hasn’t done her homework. The shows are on the same network and not rivals. Jennifer show follows Sherri’s and not in Ellen’s timeslot. Stop reporting false information and creating drama that doesn’t exist.

  23. Sherri Shepherd needs to stay in her own business and leave Jennifer Hudson alone. She’s not the queen of talk by no means and you can sense almost a case of jealousy, but make no mistake Jhud an iconic role model to many young and old boy and girl deserves not only a chance with her own talk show but I believe this very talented voice, actress and many other things just to name a few has alot to give and bring this world. So Sherri Shepherd put a clamp on it and mind your business and let it be what our founding fathers wanted and made it to be equality and freedom just to name a couple there’s plenty of room for the both of you and let’s just see who can last? Only time will tell that’s what I know for sure.

  24. Not sure why Sherri toldJenniffer to ” Stay in her own lane” can some one update me?These are two people I have come to love.

  25. I like it old school rival nothing like it. To build up ratings you must have high rating to stay on the air. I hope they both do great. The must represent us right.

  26. Well in my opinion Ms Vivica Fox was the perfect choice to host Wendy’s show. I’ve been a true fan of Vivica sense that show out all night, with Ms pattie Labelle and Morris Chestnut.


  28. I don’t watch any of these shows, I’m following my soaps to streaming…. And hopefully all will be settled peacefully, I personally think Oprah and Ellen were much better at this…. Knowing there was room at the table for all…..

  29. There is room for both ladies to thrive at the table. I like both of them. Calm down, Sherri – don’t get on that path. You are being catty. Stop it. Focus on your craft and excel at it.

  30. I totally agree with you Ms Dee! I’ma even take it a step further…Sherri SLOW YOUR ROLL!! Experienced or not, you my friend are no Wendy Williams and I don’t care what you do or who you have on you never will be! Now I hate to get like this, I was 110% in your corner, but with you being nasty like this I’ma take a step back. I wish you no ill will, but I will take a step back.

  31. I’m sorry, but the Hudson show is REALLY BORING so far. Sherri is very fun. I already aborted ship on jhud and switched back to “the view” during that time slot.

  32. Love the Sherri Show! Can’t say the same about Jennifer Hudson. I really wanted to. I find her awkward, her stories boring as well as her speaking voice.

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