Who is ‘Slutty Daddy’ Pedro Pascal Dating Right Now?

Pedro Pascal [Source: YouTube]

Fans want to know about Pedro Pascal’s dating life. The actor has become reserved recently. He also admitted that he’s tired of being called a “daddy.” Keep on reading to learn more for the latest details.

Had had enough of being called a “slutty daddy”

The Chilean-born American actor admitted that he’s tired of being called a “slutty daddy.” During the premiere of The Mandalorian, Pedro Pascal spoke with Access Hollywood. They wanted to get a viral moment by asking him to read “thirst tweets” on the red carpet. He thought about it and then said: “No.”

“I would love if you could read a few thirst tweets that the internet has for you,” the Access Hollywood reporter told him.

Pedro Pascal [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Pedro Pascal wore a bright yellow shirt with a matching sweater tied over his shoulders. He removed his glasses and read the tweets on the reporter’s phone. He paused for at least 30 seconds and responded: “No.”

The Hollywood star had a smile on his face. He couldn’t read them. The AH reporter asked if he had any favorites and he said: “No.” Pedro looked at the camera and called the tweets “Dirty!”

“Thank you very much,” Pedro Pascal continued. “They were very good.”

He put on his glasses and walked away. The actor is clearly sick of the “daddy” stuff. He finally put it to rest during the red carpet premiere. Pedro was playful and chill about it, but he set that boundary with the entertainment media and his own fanbase.

The 47-year-old is regarded as one of the hottest actors in Hollywood right now. Pedro starred in two popular series at the same time. It’s caused a sudden thirst and attraction for him, with many calling him “daddy” and “slutty daddy.” The reason why people love him is because of his laid-back and down-to-earth personality. As a result, fans want to know more about him and his personal life.

Who is Pedro Pascal dating these days?

Pedro Pascal does join in on the fun. Per Yahoo! Entertainment, during the red carpet premiere of The Last of Us, he admitted: “I am your cool slutty daddy.” He even took part in a sketch when he hosted Saturday Night Live. Over the years, Pedro has been linked to many beautiful women, including Robin Tunney, Lena Headey, and Maria Dizzia.

Pedro Pascal [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
Yet, fans want to know who Pedro Pascal is dating these days. Rumors swirled that he was dating Sarah Paulson, but she’s in a long-term relationship with legendary actress Holland Taylor. Pedro has remained private about his dating life but is only open to talking about familial relationships.

What are your thoughts on Pedro Pascal’s dating life? Do you think he’s single? Are you still going to call him daddy? Sound off below in the comment section.

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