‘The Last Of Us’ Explains Why Joel Wasn’t Infected

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The Last of Us has been one of the best shows on TV and it finally answered one of the burning questions since its premiere. That is why Joel was not infected while the entire world fell apart around him.

Here is the reason Joel wasn’t infected on The Last of Us.

Why wasn’t Joel infected on The Last of Us

In The Last of Us, Joel (Pedro Pascal) finds himself tasked with transporting a young girl named Ellie (Bella Ramsey) across the United States to some people who can run tests on her to learn why she survived the infection. As one of the first people who wasn’t changed when infected, she has become the hope for the future.

But, some fans wondered why Joel was never infected. The series has shown his sad story where he lost his family and everything he loved during the outbreak. Yet, why his loved ones changed and died and he didn’t was a mystery. It is no longer a mystery.

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What makes the show so impressive is that it allows the viewers to learn things as they watch. However, it doesn’t slam them over the heads with the reveals. In this case, the infection was all about the food supply.

Joel explained the Cordyceps infection mutated and infected the food supplies across the world. This played into a conversation Joel had with Ellie. She wanted to know the real reason for the infection and when Joel explained the food problem, that actually showed why he wasn’t infected.

Joel’s diet on The Last of Us helped him survive

Joel explained that the infection made its way to households in food supplies made with items such as flour and sugar. This meant that grocery stores were a hotspot for the infection’s spread. Regular shelf items such as bread or cereal also carried the infection. Even a newspaper showed that crops were recalled after the infection began to spread.

The Last of Us / YouTube

Joel said that if a person ate enough of the food, they would end up infected. This led to several moments in the first few episodes. At one moment in the premiere, Joel had no pancake mix for his birthday because he had failed to go to the store for groceries. As a result, he had eggs instead of a flour-based breakfast.

He also didn’t accept biscuits from a neighbor, which once again saved them from flour-based foods. That same neighbor ended up infected and killed her family. Joel also forgot to head to a bakery to pick up his birthday cake, which once again saved him from a flour-based treat.

The Last of Us showed that Joel’s laziness in picking up groceries and not eating grain or flour saved his life.

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