Uncle Dale Mills Treats Bronson & Friends To Boys’ Night

Dale Mills- Instagram

Uncle Dale Mills, from TLC’s OutDaughtered decided that he would do some awesome for his son, Bronson. Bronson really enjoys basketball and watching professional games. Dale ended up surprising him and some of his friends for a special boys’ night. In fact, he bought them all tickets to see the Rockets play the Grizzlies. Let’s take a look at their fun.

A Special Boys’ Night Out

In Dale Mills’ most recent Instagram post, he shared some photos of himself with Bronson and Bronson with his friends. They were at the Rocket game and ready to have fun! Dale captioned the post, “The boys had some fun tonight! Took Brown to the Rockets vs. Grizzlies game to see his favorite player JA Morant play. Met up with some of his best buds, Reider and Kash Money.” Of course, Dale’s fans were quick to praise him for being such a good dad and having this bonding time with his son and friends.

Dale Mills- Instagram
Dale Mills- Instagram

His fans also wrote to him about how great it was to see Bronson looking so happy. The second picture that Dale Mills shared was of Bronson with his friends. From the looks of it, they were thrilled to be in the arena. They had the best time watching the players. One fan told Dale, “Great young talent gets to watch great young talent! I love this!” This night is going to be one of the boys’ nights that these young men remember for a lifetime!

Crystal And Dale Mills Date Nights

Even though Dale and his wife, Crystal love spending time with their son, Bronson, and their daughter, Kenzie, they love the occasional date night with one another. Fans have grown to love Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki because of their time on OutDaughtered. They help out Adam and Danielle Busby with the quints whenever they get the chance. The quints are practically obsessed with Uncle Dale and this can be stressful at times. Nevertheless, he could use a date with Kiki to unwind every once in a while.

The couple is known for showing off just how much in love they still are and taking any chance they can get to leave the kids for a night. On one of their day dates, the couple went to church on a Sunday and then decided to go to the Whiskey Cake Bar. This date was great for them and they got to enjoy having flavored drinks to wind down after church.

Dale Mills- Instagram
Dale Mills- Instagram

Do you think that Dale’s boys’ night was a dream come true for Bronson and his friends? We would love to hear what you think about the perfect night for these young boys. Leave that in the comments below and stay with TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered.

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