Uncle Dale Mills‘ Daughter Kenzie Takes Dancing To New Extreme

Dale Mills, Kenzie, Instagram

Uncle Dale Mills of Outdaughtered is the father of two special kids. Uncle Dale is a fan-favorite of those who have been following the show since the beginning. While he isn’t the star of the show, he certainly knows how to steal the spotlight, and loves his nieces.

He has a daughter and a son – McKenzie and Bronson. The siblings take after their fun-loving dad when it comes to having a good time. Kenzie especially loves to goof off and dance.

Both of his kids are energetic and very into sports. On the families’ TikTok account, which has over two hundred thousand followers, Dale and Kenzie often dance together. Like in this picture from a Christmas video posted in November.

Dale Mills, Kenzie Mills, TikTok

In this latest post, McKenzie is dancing by herself. Kenzie took on the newest dance trend on TikTok but added her own spin to it.

What Trend Did Uncle Dale Mills’s Daughter Nail?

In the video, Kenzie dances to “Sleigh Ride,” by Leroy Anderson. She nails the dance moves, but she adds a bit of extra flair. The fast-paced dance is difficult to do without the added challenge of balancing on a hoverboard at the same time.

Dale Mills, Kenzie Mills, TikTok

Featured in the video is the Voyager Hover Beam, which she expertly rides wearing a pink shirt and white Crocs. The video is captioned, “this girl loves to dance, even on her new Voyager Hover Beam.” The video has over forty thousand views and over 6500 likes.

Kenzie often displays her dance moves on the TikTok channel showing off the latest trends. In one video she danced in a duet with Addison Rae and it’s captioned, “Addison Rae, Kenzie is coming for you.” She mirrors the famous influencer perfectly.

Her parents are very proud of her and fans love seeing it. Crystal Mills and Bronson will get in on the fun sometimes, the TikTok shows the family doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Her Balance Impresses Outdaughtered Fans

Uncle Dale Mills’ daughter impressed Outdaughtered fans. They are very impressed with her balance. The dance is pretty involved. Being able to do it on a hoverboard takes skills. Plus, she keeps the same amount of attitude she has dancing with her feet on the ground.

One said, “Love Kenzies dance video, she’s amazing.” Another said, “She has got good balance I would probably fall right off just at the beginning of the dance.” Fans love Kenzie and several of them think she really favors her aunt, Danielle Busby.

What do you think about Kenzie’s dance skills? What do you think about Dale’s dance skills? Comment with your thoughts down below. For all things, Outdaughteredcome back to TV Shows Ace. 

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