Uncle Dale Mills & Aunt KiKi Ditch Kids For Date Night

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Even our favorite OutDaughtered stars Uncle Dale and Aunt KiKi need a break every now and then! The couple ditched their kids and headed for a date night, rather a ‘Day Date’!

While it can be difficult to take care of one or two kids, the Busby family has their very own army of six.

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So, whenever Adam and Danielle Busby need help with the kids, Crystal and Dale Mills are just a call away.

Uncle Dale Mills & Aunt KiKi’s Day Date Without Kids

The couple has two kids of their own. On Sunday, Crystal shared an Instagram story with fans of their day date sans kids. The picture had a selfie of the couple, along with a snap of four different flavored drinks they ordered at the Whiskey Cake Bar in Baybrook, TX. She tagged her husband Dale and captioned the post, “No kids after church, time for a day date! #withdrinks.”

Even after being married for 20 years, the couple sure knows ways to keep the romance alive.

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The Busby quintuplets enjoy the company of Dale and KiKi. Although the couple didn’t raise these five beautiful girls, they sure played a major role in helping the Busby couple whenever they needed an extra hand.

Reddit Fans Wonder What If Dale & Crystal Raised The Quints

Fans even wondered what would have been the outcome if the quintuplets were raised by their uncle and aunt as opposed to Adam and Danielle.

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On Reddit, an OutDaughtered fan raised this very question, asking, “What would happen if Dale and Crystal were the parents instead of A+D? Would they be better parents? Would they not force their kids to film?”

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The question garnered mixed responses from fans. While some thought that the quintuplets would have some very funny and amazing moments with their uncle and aunt as their parents, others didn’t agree with the idea at all.

The Serious Side Of OutDaughtered Uncle Dale Mills

While Dale loves to joke around and take a look at the brighter side of things, he does stand by his family when needed. Back in 2017, when Adam underwent his first therapy session for postpartum depression, Dale refrained from joking about it. The father of six mentioned that fatherhood was the only thing that remained unaffected by his depression.

Initially, Adam refrained from talking about his depression with Dale. He thought he was just going to joke about it. However, Dale took the news well and admitted that being serious in a situation is difficult for him. However, this wasn’t something he would ever joke about.

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Earlier in the year, there were rumors that Dale was feuding with Adam Busby, given his scanty appearance in the reality couple’s social media profiles. However, he jokingly noted and hoped there wasn’t any tension between him & Adam as the Busbys were watching over his children.

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