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Tammy Slaton Focuses On Herself Amid Amy & Michael Split?

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Tammy Slaton has broken her silence following the bombshell that Michael and Amy Halterman had split up and were heading for divorce. At this time, it appears as if she’s focusing on herself and her needs. So, what did Tammy say after news of her sister’s marriage ending broke? Keep reading for a recap.

Wait, Amy and Michael Halterman split up?

While most fans are taking this news with a grain of salt, it has been reported that Amy and Michael Halterman are no longer together. Amy allegedly became frustrated with her husband Michael’s lazy approach to helping with the boys. Likewise, there are reportedly issues with Michael growing jealous of Amy not having enough time or attention to give to him because of the children. Until Amy or Michael confirms the news to be true, fans are taking it as nothing more than a rumor that might be true.

As fans know, Michael and Amy first met in high school. They were reportedly together long before they got married. While their official wedding date is March 15, 2019, Michael claims they eloped years earlier in 2017.

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Tammy Slaton breaks silence amid divorce news

Now, the news of Amy Halterman’s split from Michael also claimed that she left her home with the two boys and moved in with Tammy. Fans were having issues with this part of the story because they don’t understand why Amy wouldn’t just kick Michael out of the house if they were having issues.

If Amy did move out and move in with Tammy, it would make sense for Tammy to have something to say about it. If the story is true, however, there is a very real chance that TLC has a gag order on the entire family to prevent the details from coming out.

Photo Credit: TLC

Unfortunately for hopeful fans, Tammy Slaton’s social media post had nothing to do with the Amy and Michael situation. If anything, it revealed that she was focusing on herself right now. Turns out, her Tammy was resharing a clip from a recent episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters. An energetic clip involving her learning she had been approved for weight loss surgery.

With the help of rehab, Tammy Slaton finally started to have some success with weight loss. In fact, she was able to lose enough weight that Dr. Eric Smith was ready to approve her for surgery.

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  1. Tammy your doing a great job on your weight loss.

    Amy sorry for the break up.

    Everything will be alright. My daughter and I always love watching your show.

  2. he left amy because she’s still given tammy everything. the reason she weighs so much is amy enabling her with too much food. i saw one of the earlier episodes where amy made her so much food fit for a family and Tammy gobled it all down less than an hour. too much food for one person its sad a beautiful woman that was 700 lbs

  3. I enjoy watching Amy, Tammy, and Chris. I thought Amy was getting tired of Michael not being a very active father. I can’t blame her, but I do hope for the best for all of them. And I’m from Kentucky too.

    1. He was lazy and never wanted to help her with the boys when she really needed the help. It’s a good thing she has so much family around. I am always yelling at the screen for him to do something, get up and move, help her you lazy so and so! I’m 73 and had 4 boys and if your husband doesn’t help, GET RID OF HIM! Poor example of a father.

  4. Amy is better off without him, he sat there shoveling food in his face while she was tryn to handle 2 babies when the family was together, thank God for Amanda n her other family to help.

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