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‘Catfish’ & ‘Sister Wives’ Collides As Nev Schulman Helps Meri

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MTV’s Catfish and TLC’s Sister Wives have collided as Nev Schulman has some advice for Meri Brown if she decides to get back into the dating pool. As fans of the TLC series know, Meri Brown was catfished by a woman. This was an embarrassing story arc in the series and it is something the TLC personality has never really lived down as it continues to come back up in both the show and fan chatter.

As those who follow the MTV series know, Nev Schulman is an expert when it comes to catfish. That, however, doesn’t mean he hasn’t made his own mistakes as he once fell prey to a catfish as well.

Turns out, The Sun sat down with Nev Schulman for an exclusive interview recently. During that interview, he gave some advice to Meri Brown if she decided to dive back into the online dating pool. What kind of advice did he have for the TLC star? Keep reading for the details.

[Credit: Nev Schulman/Instagram]
[Credit: Nev Schulman/Instagram]

Catfish & Sister Wives Collides As Nev Schulman Helps Meri

At 52 years old, catfish expert Nev Schulman admits that Meri Brown of Sister Wives has a few different factors working against her. For starters, individuals who are over the age of 50 are more vulnerable to catfishing as they tend to be easier targets. The Catfish host adds that Meri is also more vulnerable to being catfished because it has already happened to her once before so culprits may see her as easy prey.

Nev Schulman tells The Sun the best advice he can give to the Sister Wives star is to keep her guard up if she decides to dive back into the dating world.

He explained: “I think Meri Brown should keep her guard up because if you’re vulnerable to getting catfished once, it probably could happen again.”

I definitely think age plays a factor… Older people who are losing confidence or optimism when it comes to finding and being loved are equally, or if not more so, vulnerable to it [than younger people] because the idea that someone could kind of show up and out of nowhere, fall in love with you and tell you everything you ever wanted to hear, you know, it’s hard to resist

Meri Brown Sister Wives - Youtube
Meri Brown Sister Wives – Youtube

Talking more in general than just about Meri Brown, Nev admitted that individuals who have a strong network of support and don’t struggle with insecurities are going to be more successful at avoiding catfish.

Do you think Meri Brown would even consider online dating again? What do you think about the advice Nev had for Meri? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.


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