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‘Sister Wives’: Evil Roots Of Kody Brown’s Rage Exposed?

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Have the evil roots of Kody Brown’s rage finally been exposed? The Sister Wives patriarch has had a history of lashing out. There have been many excuses made for why he is so angry. Yet, is there finally a clear-cut answer? Read on for more details.

Sister Wives: Evil Roots Of Kody Brown’s Rage Exposed?

Kody Brown has been known to have anger problems. During the pandemic, he would fume if he felt that his family wasn’t following the protocols. Then, Christine Brown revealed she was leaving him and he could not contain his frustration. His fourth wife, Robyn said that he would get mad at her for no reason. This was the first time the two really had any issues but he could not hold back his frustration with anyone. Every little thing seemed to be a trigger but where does it stem from?

Kody Brown/YouTube
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A Reddit thread was started to discuss his rage. The OP believes that it all boiled down to money and if his wives left, he would lose his TLC income. “Does anyone get the feeling that the real reason Kody didn’t want Christine and Janelle to leave is because their TLC salary might be one check that went into that “family” money account? They can’t explicitly SAY that though because it would be breaking the 4th wall,” it started. It concluded with this: “It’s a given that he’s a rage-aholic narc with a fragile ego, but he’s also pretty obsessed with money and status too. Just a thought.”

Kody Brown/YouTube
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Followers soon chimed in with their opinions on the situation. “No doubt in my mind that money is driving much of Kody’s extreme rage. A loss of power and control over the kids and the wives as the family patriarch are a close second,” one noted. Another added: “And yet, the man has wasted money for decades. He is a terrible money manager. The Duggars actually did a very good job at living frugally and managing their $. The Browns should all be living in paid off modest homes with large 401ks but they are not.”

Is This The Problem?

Kody Brown does love money but he also relies heavily on the show. He even took a pay cut a handful of seasons back to keep the show going. Plus, it is no secret that he would rather be in Robyn’s mansion than anywhere else. He made that clear when Janelle got her RV and he asked why he would stay there when he had a large home to go to. One Redditor reminded fans of this: “He said the only thing that scares him is poverty twice in the show. At the most recent tell all and in season 2 right after he married Robyn.” This is very true so without money or the show, will he become even worse?

Do you think Kody Brown’s rage really stems from his fear of not having money? Is he truly scared that, without his wives, he will get canceled and lose it all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. In my opinion Kody is a greedy selfish narcissist that only cares about himself and how he should be worshipped and obeyed. Now that most of his money is gone he will surely find other sources, he can survive with out it

  2. I agree. I think if it wouldn’t have been a lot better and maybe he wouldn’t have lost any wives if he treated them the same as Robin. He is in Robin‘ s home more than anyone else and things have been bad since he met Robin. She had a bigger wedding and a honeymoon to die for in Hawaii. She has not had to work at all and makes no or little contribution to the family. She lives on the other wives money that should have bettered their lives but Robin gets the most. If she doesn’t get what she wants she just cries.

  3. Kody has never. supported his wives. So now he’s gotta find a new support system These other ex wives need to sue for alimony. And does he pay child support?

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