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Mykelti Padron Thanks Her Support System, Stay-At-Home Dad

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Mykelti Padron is thanking her huge support system for helping her transition to a mom of three. The Sister Wives star gave birth to twin boys, Ace and Archer in November. Since then, she has had so many people to lean on and she is now saluting them, especially her husband, Tony Padron. Read on for more details.

Mykelti Padron Thanks Her Support System

It has been an interesting handful of months. Mykelti Padron went from a mother of one, Avalon, almost two to now a mother of three. She welcomed her twin boys via emergency C-section a little over three months ago. Fortunately, her mother Christine Brown now lives in Utah so she has been a great help to Mykelti. Plus, she adores being an “Oma” so she has so much fun playing with her littles. Even Mykelti’s father’s fourth and last remaining wife, Robyn was at the birth of the twins. So, there are a lot of people to take the burden off of Mykelti.

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Now, in an Instagram post, Mykelti Padron is sending a shout-out to her support system who has helped her along the way. Alongside a trio of photos of Ace and Archer, the LuLaRoe retailer gave thanks. “I gave birth to these boys 14 weeks ago, let me Telya it’s been rough. Huge adjustment going from a toddler to a newborn, let alone two newborns. I give props to any mom out there, especially moms who have multiples,” she started.

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Mykelti went on to add: “I am lucky enough to have a massive support system. My husband, who is a stay at home dad. My mom and my sisters. I love all of it though. And I cherish these moments, knowing that they will be over soon.” Her sister, Aspyn has been in Utah for quite some time while sister, Ysabel moved to Salt Lake after a year of university in North Carolina. She also has a little sister, Truely who came to Utah with their mother, Christine in 2021. Yet, it was the “stay-at-home” dad comment that may have thrown some people off.

Tony Is A Stay-At-Home Papa

It was known that Tony Padron left his job in banking to do remote video game work. This initially made fans question if he could take care of Mykelti. As time went on, fans started to embrace him even more and Christine Brown always says how perfect he and Mykelti are as a couple. Now, it seems that Tony’s remote position is allowing him to be a stay-at-home father.

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This helps Mykelti Padron out tremendously because she can continue working on her MLM businesses. Plus, they can balance one another so the burden is lessened. He loves to play with Avalon, even taking the tot to the gym with him. In the end, Mykelti is just grateful she did not have to go this alone.

Were you surprised to find out that Tony was a stay-at-home dad? Do you think this is why they started their Patreon so that he could continue to stay home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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