Mike Wolfe Accused Of Not Hiring Female Staff, Star Claps Back

American Pickers star Mike Wolfe defended himself after fans accused his show of not hiring female staff. This happened after the reality star shared a video celebrating his all-male crew and their dedication to the History Channel show. Currently, the show is airing Season 24 with Mike and his brother Robbie Wolfe. So, why did fans accuse Mike of not having any female employees on the show? Keep reading to find out the details!

Mike Wolfe Confirms Filming Is Over For Season 24

On Saturday, Mike Wolfe took to Instagram and revealed that they have finished filming American Pickers Season 24. To commemorate the milestone, he shared a clip of some of the BTS workers. He explained in the caption that Friday was the last day of filming for the season. The 58-year-old thanked his blessings in life and claimed that his crew is one of them.

Mike Wolfe Instagram American Pickers

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He added, “I can’t show all the behind-the-scenes since the show won’t air for a while but I wanted to show you the crew that makes it all possible.”

Mike Wolfe Clarifies American Pickers Has Female Staff

The History Channel star further explained that some of his crew members have been with him for more than a decade.

While most fans loved the BTS glimpse from the set of American Pickers, some noticed that there were no female employees in the clip. A fan commented, “Luv your show but where are the women?”

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Mike immediately answered, “We have a lot of women that work in post-production @cineflixmedia and at @history.”

Of course, the team does have a high-profile female on the staff, shop manager Danielle Colby, who recently suffered from uterine fibroids and underwent surgery for the same.

Mike Wolfe Gets Steamy With Girlfriend Leticia Cline

Moreover, Mike Wolfe has also been paying the lady in her life a lot of attention lately. He has been dating Leticia Cline since August 2021. Last month, the couple was seen indulging in a steamy PDA session at a Las Vegas auction. The couple attended the 32nd Annual Mecum Vintage and Antique Motorcycle Auction held on January 27. The reality star displayed his private motorcycle collection for auction.

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The couple was seen making out while sitting in the audience and were unable to keep their hands off each other. At one point, Make even had his hand on her butt while they checked out the collection at the auction. Additionally, Mike Wolfe made a purchase at the auction.

He wrote, “Early motorcycle I was lucky enough to win the bid on @mecum_auctions. Wooden Rims has a Wagner Motor and Gas Tank but it’s a homemade job.”

What do you think of Mike Wolfe and his American Pickers’ crew? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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