‘American Pickers’: Danielle Colby’s Hottest Photos

American Pickers Danielle Colby Blasts Instagram For Censoring Her [Credit: Danielle Colby/Instagram]

American Pickers alum, Danielle Colby is no stranger to showing off her body. The 47-year-old loves to bare all in photos for her fans on Instagram. She has gained a lot of fans because of her tattooed look. More so, she has become popular among viewers for her personality and her looks. This beauty has been baring all lately on social media and her fans have continued to tell her just how hot she is.

Danielle Colby’s Life Changes

After being on the show for many seasons, Danielle Colby did tell her fans that she had lost a lot of her motivation. She admitted that she had “no desire to work.” Fans of American Pickers weren’t sure that she was talking about the show. In fact, some of them thought she was expressing a lack of motivation in her burlesque work. Danielle has worked quite a bit in the world of burlesque, but when she had a hysterectomy, it seems as if her lifestyle changed completely. This was a little scary to her diehard fans, but from the looks of it, she has gotten her groove back!

Danielle Colby- Instagram
Danielle Colby- Instagram

Danielle Colby does seem to be on the mend. She has been sharing a lot of sultry photos with her fans. It looks as if she is still pushing her OnlyFans and Patreon sites as well. Danielle continues to get positive feedback for being open about her mental health and changes in her life. It does look as if has gotten back into the burlesque world. She has shared plenty of pictures to prove it too.

Fans Applaud Danielle’s Moves

American Pickers fans have always enjoyed seeing Danielle Colby on the show. After seeing these sexy shots of her, they are giving her even more feedback! She has opened up to her fans that she has been working on a lot of new movements since having her surgery. She shared a video with her fans and they were pleased to see how far she has come since her surgery. They praised her for recovering so quickly and for getting the motivation back to be active once again.

Danielle Colby- Instagram
Danielle Colby- Instagram

As soon as Danielle shared this fan dancing video, her fans were quick to tell her just how great she looks these days. They applauded her moves and her body most of all. One fan wrote to her, “You look gorgeous. It looks as if you are healing pretty well!” One more added just how “sexy” they thought she looked. An additional fan wrote, “Your husband is a very lucky man. You literally made my day! You are so hot!” Overall, her fans were so happy to see her moving again and healing from her surgery.

There were some fans that think she shows too much, but what do you think? Leave your thoughts below in the comments and don’t forget to follow TV Shows Ace for more American Pickers.

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