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Danielle Colby Gets Mojo Back From ‘American Pickers’ Episode

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Danielle Colby got her mojo back from an American Pickers episode. She’s found her motivation through an unlikely source. In her latest Patreon blog post, the American Pickers star admitted that she has “lost” her “desire to work” again. It’s unclear whether she meant filming for the History Channel show or her burlesque work.

As fans know, Danielle is also a burlesque artist. Since she underwent a hysterectomy, she has to overhaul her lifestyle. When she’s not looking for antiques on the long-running series, she posts steamy photos and videos on her OnlyFans page. However, she’s been faced with a medical setback that’s halted her work.

Jeremy Scheuch & Danielle Colby [Danielle Colby | Instagram]
[Danielle Colby | Instagram]

Danielle Colby overhauls her racy lifestyle

In a previous Patreon post, Danielle Colby talked about her mental health. She struggled with anxiety and depression during her post-surgery recovery. Danielle had to halt her racy lifestyle. This means that she can’t use any “massagers” in her work or personal life.

Danielle recalled an intimate moment she had with her fiance Jeremy Scheuch. They wanted to introduce adult toys in the bedroom like they normally do. At first, he used the massager on her shoulders and farther down until she felt extreme pain down below. Danielle was concerned and so she spoke to her doctor.

Danielle Colby Wears Compression Socks [Danielle Colby | Patreon]
[Danielle Colby | Patreon]
“I was just having a severe muscle spasm from the massager. I called my doctor and she informed us that is not OK,” Danielle Colby wrote in her previous blog post. “We cannot be using any sort of massagers at this time, not until 16 weeks after the surgery. So, last night was a little bit terrifying until I was able to speak with my doctor.”

She also has “been wearing compression socks” since undergoing surgery. Danielle can’t wear the sexy burlesque costumes and lingerie she typically does on Instagram. She has to change up her entire lifestyle at this point. This has made it hard for her to feel sensual and get back into her work.

American Pickers star gets her groove back

Danielle Colby returned to her Patreon blog to share an update. She admitted that she hasn’t gotten her mojo back since then. The reality star has no interest in her adult work. She found inspiration from a burlesque artist who appeared on a throwback episode of American Pickers.

“I received an email from [Chantel’s] daughter, stating that her mom, Chantel Capri, was shown on the American Pickers episode featuring Blaze Fury,” Danielle Colby explained in her new Patreon blog post. “I had lost so much desire to work during this healing time and now I have some of my excitement back after reading this email.”

Danielle Colby's Burlesque Book [Danielle Colby | Patreon]
[Danielle Colby | Patreon]
She noted that she feels she’s “chosen the right career path.” Danielle continues to share her recovery on social media. This comes on the heels of the new season of American Pickers, which is currently in production. Danielle will be opting out of that season for now.

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