‘American Pickers’ Fans Dub New A-List Guest ‘Uncool’

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American Pickers had a musical A-List guest in the latest episode but fans felt he was uncool. The Detroit native, Jack White, returned to the History Channel reality series after a long time. The last time fans saw him on the series was in 2012. Now, he returned in hopes to restore and elevate a mobile recording studio. In sync with the show’s spirit, the rocker attempted to refurbish a decades-old relic with help from Mike Wolfe and his brother Robbie Wolfe, Danielle Colby, and Dave Ohrt. So, why did fans feel the guest was uncool? Keep reading to find out!

American Pickers Fans Underwhelmed By Jack White

Ahead of the series’ Wednesday episode, Jack White was announced as the guest star. Although fans seemed eager to get a glimpse of the reclusive rocker, many were left underwhelmed with his appearance on the show. After the latest episode ended, one critic tweeted, “I used to think #JackWhite would be a cool guy to meet… Yeah, not anymore!”

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However, another replied to Mike Wolfe’s tweet about the upcoming American Pickers episode and wrote, “How’s Frank doing?” Yet, the tweet didn’t receive any reply from the reality star. Recently, the TV star shared that he wished for Frank Fritz to return to the History Channel show and insisted that he is still friends with his former co-star.

Frank Fritz Was Never Asked To Return To American Pickers

Frank Fritz stopped appearing on American Pickers after March 2020. He took some time off from the show to recover from back surgery. However, he was never asked to return by History Channel or the makers. The TV star has been struggling with his health for years and fans have been missing his lighthearted presence for a long time.

Given his health challenges, the star is currently under conservatorship to take care of his finances. Moreover, amid his efforts to recover from a stroke, his store opened late and the staff was also criticized as rude. As reported earlier by The Sun, the customers of his antique shop based in Illinois, have complained of unprofessional behavior from the staff during the owner’s absence.

Frank Fritz Finds Bashed For Overpricing Items

Back in December 2022, a customer wrote complaining about Frank Fritz Finds stating, “It was supposed to open at 10 am. When we went in the lights were not on and the antique sales lady was late, according to another worker. She did open up the antique sales for us (which is not heated so be prepared in the winter)… There were a decent amount of actual antiques that were reasonably priced. Definitely cluttered. The staff was ehh.”

Another wrote, “Nothing but overpriced junk… Employees are rude. Don’t waste your hard-earned money.”

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However, it isn’t just the business that has been struggling in the absence of Frank Fritz. American Pickers has also been struggling with ratings throughout the season.

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