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‘American Pickers’ Frank Fritz’s Antique Shop Is Getting Revamped

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Former American Pickers star Frank Fritz has recently received less-than-excellent reviews about his antique shop. Since suffering from a stroke in July, customers have stated that the store is “not the same.” However, Fritz’s conservatorship has announced plans to completely revamp the antique store and make it a must-see destination for both Fritz fans and antique lovers. Here is what the team has revealed so far.

Emergency Conservatorship Over The Shop

Frank Fritz owns an antique shop called Fritz Finds in Savannah, Illinois. It is located in the back of an eatery called Hawg Dog Bar & Grill. The 59-year-old suffered a stroke in July, making it impossible for him to continue to carry out his duties at the store.


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Some of Frank’s friends decided to get together and filed for conservatorship over the store and other issues he may need help with. According to them, his decision-making abilities are significantly impaired—the papers, which were filed on August 18, detailed plans to renovate the store.

The bank documents also revealed that Frank Fritz has a number of additional buildings from which items will be pulled to fill the store. Right now, his friends want to leave them as they are unless it becomes necessary to start pulling items. Otherwise, they would like it if Frank would be able to assist in choosing what items are pulled and help with pricing as well.

There is no telling how long that will be. In the meantime, people who have stopped by the antique shop have not been shy about letting everyone know what they think about its current state.

American Pickers Fans Not Impressed By Frank’s Store

Reviews for the shop haven’t been great in recent weeks. One person on Trip Advisor wrote, “Not much to see. Small antique shop. Not impressed. There were some items marked as picked by Frank. Not really worth the stop.”

Another person took to Google to express their disappointment in the antique shop, stating that they were American Pickers fans. They hoped to stop in at the shop to show support for Frank. At the end of their trip, they were asking themselves how the store was still open. Not only did they not find anything worthwhile, but the staff was rude and the food was cold.

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Several others have taken the time to weigh in on how the store has declined since Frank has been absent. Many commented on how the staff was not helpful. However, the biggest complaint of all was the quality of the items on the shelf. One person even went as far as to call it, “hoarder’s junk.”

Only time will tell if the conservatorship will make a move on revamping the antique shop or not.

While fans can’t catch up with Frank Fritz on American  Pickers anymore, you can watch reruns of the show on the History Channel as well as stream the program on Hulu. Are you interested in continuing to follow Frank’s story, despite him being missing from the show? Let us know in the comments!

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