‘American Idol’ Welcomes Santa Fe Shooting Survivor Trey Louis

Trey Louis American Idol Instagram

American Idol Season 21 Round Two auditions welcomed a Santa Fe High School shooting survivor Trey Louis with open arms. The 21-year-old singer auditioned for the judges’ panel on the February 26 episode. After he went viral on TikTok, Trey is now trying his luck showing his singing skills on the ABC singing reality show. So, who really is contestant Trey Louis on American Idol? Keep reading to find out the details!

Trey Louis Hid In A Closet To Escape The Santa Fe Shooter

Trey Louis is an aspiring singer and former mattress salesman who has been through a lot from a young age. He was in artwork class at Santa Fe Excessive Faculty in 2018 when a gunman hearth inside the college. A total of 10 individuals were killed in the shooting massacre.

Trey Louis American Idol Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

In a 2018 Instagram post, Trey talked about his harrowing experience and how he survived. He was rescued by a student, Christian Riley Garcia. More so, he also revealed that he sought refuge in a closet when the shooter open fired in his art class.

Trey Louis Feels Appearing on American Idol Is An Honor

In his Instagram post, he wrote, “At around 7:30 a loud bang came from the art classroom next to ours. As the class went completely silent there was another bang. It clicked into the rest of our minds what was going on and we broke out in a panic. Rushing to the back door instantly finding out that it is locked. Not knowing what to do we all separated into two closets and hide from the gunman as best as we could.”

Trey Louis American Idol YouTube

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Talking about his appearance on American Idol, he said that he “hopes to shine a brighter mild on my city. It does imply I get to symbolize my buddies that I misplaced. It’s an honor. It truly is.”

Trey Louis Went Viral On TikTok In July 2022

For his audition on American Idol, he will carry out the track Stone by Whiskey Myers. This track is a tribute to one of Trey’s closest friends, Chris Stone. He was one of the many victims of the shooting. The aspiring singer first realized that he could make it as a singer after he went viral on TikTok in July 2022. His cover of Chris Stapleton’s You Should Probably Leave has garnered 2.9 Million views.

Trey Louis American Idol Instagram

[Source: Instagram]

Moreover, his covers of Chris Stapleton’s Damaged Halos and Rihanna’s Keep have more than 1 Million and 3.5 Million views. Trey Louis hails from New Mexico and usually sings the covers of country songs. He auditioned for American Idol in the last week of January and called it, “the greatest thing I’ve ever done.”

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