‘American Idol’ Season 21: Meet Contestant Aiden Adair

ABC’s singing reality show American Idol is back with another round of auditions introducing new potential stars. This time around, we saw more than 10 new contestants selected to continue in the competition. Among these successful names is Pennsylvania native Aiden Adair. So, who is he? And how did he manage to impress the judges? Keep reading to find out the details!

Contestant Aiden Adair Is A Head Chef In Charleston

Season 21 had a grand opening with some amazing contestants introduced to the viewers. Among them was Tyson Venegas, who was the first contestant to get the platinum ticket. Similarly, Iam Tongi brought the judges to tears with his emotional performance dedicated to his late father. Once again, the judges’ panel including Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie has returned to judge singers in round 2 of auditions.

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Aiden Adair, who is a head chef at a senior living center in Charleston, always had a special connection to music. He explained, “I always used to sing myself to sleep at night, and that’s how I got into singing.”

Aiden Adair Was Pushed By His TikTok Followers To Audition

However, before enrolling for the competition, he did have a case of cold feet and was pushed by some of his TikTok followers to audition. They claimed that the 19-year-old should take his showcase his soulful voice on national TV.

He mentioned, “I got cold feet and waited five months, and ended up not auditioning until the last day they were taking auditions. But I just figured- my whole life I’ve wanted to do music, and it would be stupid for me not to at least see where this opportunity could take me.”

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Although Aiden is a Meadville, Pennsylvania native, he currently lives in Clover, South Carolina. The aspiring singer studied at Clover High School and is also passionate about boxing and gymming. Aiden Adair has made significant changes to his body through exercise. He has even posted a reel on TikTok showing how he was chubby in the beginning and now has a sculpted figure. The contestant believes in dedication over motivation.

Aiden Adair Recently Released A Song On Spotify

Aiden even documented his experience at American Idol in a small clip shared on social media. The young star was seen getting off at the Nashville airport after which he posed in front of the American Idol studio. He captioned the post, “I will be on @americanidol on February 26th at 8 pm EST. Tune in to see if I got the golden ticket.”

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Before you see the young singer showcase his talent on national TV, you can listen to him on Spotify. Aiden Adair recently released a song titled Run Away. One can also watch him cover several popular songs on TikTok where he has amassed over 356K followers.

Do not forget to tune in to watch how Aiden Adair impresses the judges! And do not forget to check back with TV Shows Ace for more on American Idol!

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