‘Love Island’ Malin Andersson Topless & On Fire

Malin Andersson [Source: YouTube]

Love Island alum Malin Andersson set Instagram on fire. She posed topless and gave some inspiration to her fans. Keep on reading to learn and see the shot for yourself.

Malin Andersson sends a message to trolls

Malin Andersson posed topless and sent a message to the trolls. On Friday, February 24, she took to her Instagram feed to share a selfie of herself in just a white floral print thong. The barely-there bottoms feature red roses and sheer trim. Malin posed topless in her bedroom.

Malin Andersson [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
She covered her breasts with her right hand while her left hand snapped the photo. Her dark brown hair was down and wet around her face. The Love Island star showed off her tattoos. The 30-year-old appeared on the dating series. Malin had a message for the haters as well.

“I sometimes get trolls saying I’m always in my underwear,” Malin Andersson wrote in the caption. “Here I am. Minus a bra. In all ma glory. Loving myself. Doing what I want. Because I can. Being a mother, but also Malin. Being single cos I know I deserve more. Letting my skin glow co sI don’t need to constantly wear makeup. Don’t you just love doing what ya want?”

Malin Andersson Topless & On Fire [Source: Malin Andersson - Instagram]
[Source: Malin Andersson – Instagram]
She gave her permission to do whatever she wanted. If Malin Andersson wants to hang out in her underwear on social media, she will do it. She also didn’t care that she looked like she just came out of the show. Malin was on fire with her message as well as her topless photo.

The comment section was literally filled with fire emojis. Others shared encouraging messages. They loved what she served up to the trolls. There were also some who told Malin to ignore the haters.

  • “You look incredible so, do you.”
  • “Absolutely beautiful.”
  • Keep at it lady!!!!👏👏👏
  • 🔥If I had a body like that I would be bloody naked all the time too lol. x
  • You look sensational. 🔥🔥

The Love Island star loves to pose in her underwear

Malin Andersson first became famous after she appeared on the ITV2 reality series. She gave birth to her daughter Xaya in January 2022 with her former boyfriend Jared. The couple ended their relationship just two months later.

Malin Andersson Wear Black Lingerie [Source: Malin Andersson - Instagram]
[Source: Malin Andersson – Instagram]
The British personality moved on. Malin also moved out of the home they shared. The hot mom loves to pose around her house in her underwear.

On February 12, she admitted to her Instagram followers that she got a good look at herself in the mirror. Malin shared a clip of herself in a black lacy bra with matching underwear.

She obviously liked what she saw and wanted to show it off. Her message also talked about how she’s overcome her “trauma.” As Malin Andersson showed off her body, she expressed her love for her “inner child.”

What are your thoughts on Malin Andersson being topless and on fire? Do you agree that she looks great? Sound off below in the comment section.

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