‘Love Island’ Chris Hughes Hospitalized After 4K Run, What Happened?

Chris Hughes [Lorraine | YouTube]

Love Island alum Chris Hughes took part in a 4k run. He then ended up in the hospital. The reality star snapped a selfie from his hospital bed. Read on to see what happened.

Chris Hughes hospitalized for a hangover

On Wednesday, February 1, Chris Hughes shocked Love Island fans when he shared a totally different selfie of himself. He didn’t look like his old self on Love Island. In fact, he wore a dressing gown and beige knit beanie as he sat on his hospital bed. A table with a thermometer and other medical instruments sat next to him.

Chris Hughes Smiles Brightly [Chris Hughes | Instagram]
[Chris Hughes | Instagram]
Chris had a somber look on his face as he looked up at the camera. In his lengthy post, he revealed that he ran a 4k run, where he ended up hospitalized afterward. The former Love Islander found out that he was suffering from a hangover even though he hasn’t drunk any alcohol since the weekend. Doctors found that he was dehydrated.

“So basically, all my antics on Saturday have caused this. When I was posting away about running that 4k, I was not truly hungover Sunday and Monday, but I was ‘chronically dehydrated and have alcohol hepatitis’…” Chris wrote in his Instagram Stories. “(not cool, not at all) where essentially my liver is damaged and couldn’t consume the alcohol assumptions and the bloods have also showed that.”

Chris Hughes At Hospital [Chris Hughes | Instagram]
[Chris Hughes | Instagram]
In another snapshot from the hospital, Chris looked depressed. He admitted that he had “the worst night” of his life and called himself “pathetic.” The British television star shared the reason for his medical treatment. However, Chris showed a lot of appreciation for the doctors and nurses.

After several blood tests, Chris found that he has a damaged liver.  Per CDC.gov, Hepatitis causes inflammation of the liver. A viral infection or heavy drinking are often the culprits. Chris realized his mistake and wants to take the appropriate steps to heal.

Love Island alum learned his lesson

Chris admitted his defeat. The Love Island UK star thought he was doing something good for his body. Little did he know that he was pushing his limits. He’s now going to slow down and take care of himself.

“I am ruined. I’ve learn[ed] my lesson. My issue tho, quite clear,” Chris continued in a follow-up Instagram Stories. “Went for that run Sunday and I went to a class Monday and did a 45 min circuit, burnt 550 calories and then went [to] sauna to sweat again for 45 mins, thinking I’m getting alcohol out but intact I was just torturing my body.”

Chris Hughes Sad In Hospital [Chris Hughes | Instagram]
[Chris Hughes | Instagram]
He found fame on Love Island in 2017. Fans were captivated by his blue eyes and his big smile. At the time, he coupled up with his ex-girlfriend Olivia Attwood. The two ended their relationship six months later.

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