Katie Price Fires Back After Kris Boyson Threatens To ‘Destroy Her’

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Drama alert: things are getting HEATED between Katie Price and Kris Boyson.

The glamor model and TV personality wants the world to know she isn’t afraid of her ex. According to Mirror Online, Katie Price didn’t hesitate to fire back after her ex threatened to “destroy her career.” Katie Price insisted his threats were nothing more than lies. Want the details on the Katie Price vs. Kris Boyson drama? Keep reading for the scoop!

Kris Boyson recently threatened to destroy Katie Price’s career.

According to The Daily Mail, Katie Price’s ex Kris Boyson made it clear he had the power and information to destroy her career. This warning and threat happened after Katie Price insisted the 31-year-old personal trainer only used her for fame and clout.

For those who are unfamiliar with the couple’s history. Kris Boyson was engaged to marry the model and TV personality. Their relationship, however, came to unfortunate end last year.

After learning Katie Price accused him of being in a relationship with her for clout, he claimed he had no choice but to fire back.

Kris Boyson took to Instagram to reveal Katie Price wasn’t even loyal to him when they were together. In fact, he insisted she had an intimate affair with at least three other people.

Katie’s former flame tried to make it abundantly clear that he did not want to trash her. But, he felt like she’d backed him into a wall with her constant trolling. And, he didn’t have a choice.

I’ve come on here today just to set the record straight, I’ll be careful with what I say as I’m not out here to destroy anyone’s career, which I could quite easily do but I’m not that sort of person.”

He continued: “I am not fame-hungry and I’m not trying to make money, or I could have sold it all to the press.”

He explains why her accusations didn’t make sense.

Kris insisted the biggest issue with her theory was he could have sold the story of her affairs for money. But, he didn’t.

“I didn’t want to do this, I’ve never done it before – I’ve always been very amicable through everything… But how much more can I take?” He added.

His followers could tell he didn’t really seem to want to attack Katie Price with this information. But, he honestly felt like he didn’t have a choice with what she had said about him.

Kris Boyson addressed her accusation of him taking back the engagement ring. And, he didn’t deny it. In fact, he had an explanation. He didn’t see why he would give a ring of value to someone he knew was being unfaithful. So, yes, he asked for the ring back.

Her also criticized her parenting. Katie’s former flame revealed he would spend the entire weekend with all five of her children. While she ran off with Charles Drury. And, Kris alleged she was having affair with him instead of watching her own children.

I’m not here to ruin anyone or open a can of worms but remember that whole weekend that you went to that hotel with that Drury fella? Who was looking after the kids?”

Katie Price is furious, wants the truth to come out.

The TV personality is now happily in a relationship with Carl Woods. Her ex has also seemingly moved on and is dating Bianca Gascoigne. The duo, however, can’t seem to stop picking a fight with each other. Katie Price, however, tells Mirror Online she didn’t watch his explosive video. And, she isn’t interested in what lies he has to tell.

I know the truth, [Carl] knows the truth, you know me, I’ve been in the media all these years and all I’m going to say is, every time there’s been a guy, and it goes back years, ‘Kate’s lying, I haven’t done this, Kate’s lying on that’, and the truth always comes out that I was telling the truth every single time, you know it happens with every situation.”


Has a history of drama with men.

She also decided to discuss her past drama with Love Island alum Chris Hughes. The duo got into it back in 2017. He denied sending flirty text messages to Katie Price. Insisted he was loyal to his girlfriend at the time Olivia Attwood. Katie noted that Chris was not an ex lover. But, he was just another man trying to trash her career with things that ended up not being true.

There’s been these situations before where I haven’t even been with anyone and they’ve made up they was and then the truth came out, they were lying. This is the situation, I don’t need to lie because in the media world, they find out everything. You can’t lie, they find out everything. I don’t need to lie and I’m sitting here now, whatever I say, it’s like when I do my books, you need a legal team over it to prove they are true, and I only know the media, that’s my life, that’s how I work and I know you can’t lie because there’s always evidence. And just remember, everything I say, I have evidence. Anyone can run their mouths about me, if it makes them feel good to use me as a cheap headline it just explains what they’re about.”

Katie Price didn’t seem to be too afraid of what her ex warned. She was a big fan of the truth and knew media outlets always get to the bottom of what is and isn’t true. So, she could just wait for the truth to come out.

Her current boyfriend isn’t like the men of her past.

With such a huge following, Katie Price is extremely desirable to men who are looking for clout. And, she’s no stranger to being used for fame. She, however, clarified her current love isn’t like that. She admitted that for the first time she feels like she’s found her forever in Carl Woods. And, she’s interested in taking his surname. Which is a first for her. 


Kris Boyson said he supported Katie Price while he was with her. And, he cared for her children. He claims her cheating and losing him was the “biggest mistake” she would ever make during her lifetime. Katie, however, doesn’t seem to agree.

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