‘Love Island’ Faye Winter Sparks Concern, Is She Alright?

Faye Winter Shows Off Glam Look [Faye Winter | Instagram]

Faye Winter had Love Island fans concerned about her after her latest post. She opened up about her health and state of mind after she disappeared from Instagram. This comes amid the rumors of her split from Teddy. Keep on reading to learn all the details.

Love Island alum Teddy Soares cries on Instagram

Faye Winter’s boyfriend Teddy Soares got emotional in his previous Instagram account. He shared with his fans that he’s been having a tough time lately. He broke down in a video he uploaded. Fans wondered if this meant that Faye Winter and Teddy broke up.

Teddy Soares Talks To Faye Winter [Love Island | YouTube]
[Love Island | YouTube]
“One of the things I really wanna do this year is practicing what you preach,” Teddy shared. “Brave in sharing how I was feeling last week.”

He wanted to reach out to his fans to share an update on his mental health and well-being. Teddy admitted that it wasn’t easy for him to open up about what he’s been going through lately. The television personality then realized that his story could help others.

Teddy Soares Breakdown [Teddy Soares | Instagram]
[Teddy Soares | Instagram]
“Because hopefully, you know, there will be someone out there that sees it and thinks, oh, do you know what, I’m feeling the same,” Teddy added.

The couple has fueled split rumors in recent weeks. Teddy continued to fuel those rumors when he mentioned Faye Winter in a video. She also sparked the conversation when she was recently spotted without him at red-carpet events.

Faye Winter concerns fans with a health update

Faye Winter took to her Instagram Stories to talk about her health. She admitted that it has taken a “battering lately.” The former real estate agent shared what was on her mind.

Faye addressed her leave of absence from social media. Around the time of Teddy’s breakdown, she went missing. She said that taking a break from social media was necessary for her mental health. Like Teddy, Faye felt emotionally razzled as well.

“Last year, I took a battering. I took one for most people’s team,” Faye Winter said. “Even to the point that my physical health took a battering. I took two weeks to reset.”

Makeup-Free Faye Winter [Faye Winter | Instagram]
[Faye Winter | Instagram]
The former reality star returned to Instagram with a makeup-free look. She wore a beige sweatshirt and had her blonde hair up in a bun. Once again, she was hit by trolls when she shared a video of herself taking her dog for a walk. Faye can’t seem to escape the negativity that social media brings.

What are your thoughts on Faye Winters sparking concern among fans? Do you think there’s something seriously wrong? Or, do you think it’s because of all the talk surrounding her and Teddy? Sound off below in the comment section.

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