‘Love Island’ Star Faye Winter Breaks Down Under Pressure

Faye Winter from Instagram

Faye Winter thrived on Love Island, but fans wonder if she’s cracking under the pressure on another reality television series. Celebrity MasterChef viewers watched the Love Island star break down in tears during a recent episode.

So what exactly went down?

Faye Winter had a hard moment in the kitchen on Celebrity MasterChef

Fans that loved watching Faye Winters on Love Island felt absolutely delighted when they learned she was in for a new project. This year, she competed on Celebrity MasterChef and showed the judges what she could bring to the kitchen.

But during a recent episode, fans worried that the pressure might be too much.

Faye Winter from Instagram
Faye Winter/Instagram

The tears started when Faye started to open up to judge John Torode about her father.

“Faye, throughout this competition one of the people you’ve spoken about a lot is your dad,” John said in the episode. She replied that her entire experience on Celebrity MasterChef has been for her father. Faye proceeded to break down into tears. John tried to cheer her up by teasing her about her mascara running.

“I came out of Love Island and my dad unfortunately caught Covid and he was in intensive care for three weeks,” Faye continued. “So, it was so hard so and when I got this I thought I’m gonna do it for him at the end of the day and cook dishes he likes. And he will watch this, he didn’t watch me on Love Island. He said I swore too much.”

The Sun reports that she managed to snag a spot in the semi-final. The process may have been difficult, but it seems like it was well worth it for the Love Island alum.

The Love Island star shares an emotional tribute to her father

Celebrity MasterChef viewers can clearly see how much Faye Winter cares for her father. She even chose to add an emotional tribute to him on her Instagram page.

Faye Winter from Instagram
Faye Winter/Instagram

Masterchef was for this incredible strong man, you guys may remember when I came out of love island and I spent a lot of time in Devon, with everyone questioning my relationship and judging the amount of jobs I was announcing when actually me and my family were fighting a private battle of my amazing dad being in intensive care for almost a month, being told to prepare for the worse,” Faye captioned her photos.

“He lost so much weight he was unrecognisable and was delusional to the point we couldn’t even have a conversation,” she continued. “Remember you never know what battles people are facing privately, we chose to fight this privately and luckily my beautiful dad got healthier and stronger everyday and now 9 months on he is slowly getting there. Thank you to the NHS and Torbay hospital for caring for him in his worse days me and my dads girls have no words to tell you how grateful we truly are 🤍”

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