‘Mama June Not To Hot’ Dramatic Season Premiere Sneak Peek

Mama June- WeTv

June Shannon is coming in hot with the new season of Mama June Not to Hot: Family Crisis. Fans of the WE Tv show have been waiting patiently to see when the show would be back. Just recently, WE Tv shared a clip of the new season with fans. It turns out that the show will be back in May! What is in store for Mama June and the family? We have the clip all ready for you to see!

The Drama And Tension Continues

Mama June’s life has changed a lot in the last few years. June took off with her ex, Gino, and left her daughters to fend for themselves. This shook up everyone’s life and Alana Thompson and her sister, Lauryn Efrid, had to do their best to make ends meet. Meanwhile, June was out spending thousands of dollars on her addictions. It took her getting arrested and her children begging her to clean herself up to make her change.

Now that Mama June has made some big changes, what will we see this season? In the clip, we will see Alana buying a car and test-driving minivans. She says that would make her feel “like a soccer mom.” Then June tells the cameras that she and Justin Stroud are going to have a real wedding to renew their vows. They were married in a courthouse ceremony, but this time around they will go to Florida to do it. At the end of the clip, Mama June says, “Don’t worry. My plan B is in the works.”

Mama June’s Struggles Catch Up To Her

Fans of  Mama June Not to Hot: Family Crisis have seen this family go through a lot. When things seemed dim for her daughters, they were able to come together. Lauryn Efrid and her husband, Josh adopted Alana in order to give her a better life. They have started a family of their own too. This new season looks as if it will focus a lot on their twins and their growing family. They have their hands full!

Mama June Shannon- YouTube
Mama June Shannon- YouTube

Mama June’s struggles may come creeping in though. This clip promises a lot of drama and it turns out that Alana may not actually want to go to her mother’s wedding! Will Alana’s boyfriend appear on the show this season too? There are unanswered questions about this season, but we know it will premiere on May 5. Keep an eye on WE Tv for more updates on the show.

Are you going to tune into this season of the show? What would you like to see as the focus of this season? We would love to hear what you think down below in the comments. Stay with us at TV Shows Ace for more Mama June!

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