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Mama June Renews Vows, Did Daughters Show Up?

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Mama June Shannon has renewed her vows with her husband of nearly a year, Justin Stroud. The two had originally gotten married in a secret ceremony in March 2022. However, June and Justin decided to renew their vows just one month shy of a year. Where did this take place and were her daughters in attendance this time? Read on for more details.

Mama June Renews Vows, Did Daughters Show Up?

Though it has not been a full year, Mama June and Justin Stroud renewed their vows. According to Entertainment Tonight, the duo re-tied the knot on the beach in an oceanfront ceremony. They did not get married in Georgia or Alabama but rather Florida. More so, this wedding was filmed for the new season of Mama June: Family Crisis, set to start in May. Fans had long wondered when the show would return if it would at all. June and her daughters had such a contentious relationship during the last season of Road to Redemption.

Mama June/YouTube
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This made fans demand that the show go on but with just June’s daughters Pumpkin and Honey Boo Boo. It seemed that the girls were filming one show while June was filming another. Yet, this wedding was a family affair as June’s daughters were in attendance at the wedding. In a twist, it was not just Pumpkin and Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson at the wedding. Jessica ‘Chubbs’ Shannon was there as was Anna Cardwell, who has had a very strained relationship with her mother.

However, they were not just at the wedding. Mama June’s four girls actually walked her down the aisle. “We wanted to have a small and very intimate wedding, so we didn’t have any groomsmen or bridesmaids. All four of my girls walked me down to Justin and his mom walked him down the aisle,” June shared. This is quite the change from the first time June got married as no one knew. The only reason Pumpkin found out was that the receipt from the wedding came to her home.

Moving On

Mama June had noted that she and Pumpkin had reconciled as of the beginning of 2023. She was going to be there for Pumpkin’s 23rd birthday in early January. More so, they would be gathering as a family on a weekly basis. This is a huge deal as Pumpkin and Alana had no problem mocking their relationship with June on social media. Now, it looks like all has been put in the past. Plus, Anna is back on television so that is extremely exciting.

Congratulations to Mama June and Justin. Are you shocked that the family has reconnected so well? Let us know and watch the premiere of Mama June: Family Crisis on May 5th on WeTV.

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