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Mama June Returning To Television, When & Where?

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Mama June Shannon will be returning to revision and it is coming sooner rather than later. Fans have been wondering if there would be another season of her reality show, Road to Redemption. Things were up in the air as her daughters appeared to be getting their own show. However, June is back but when and where can you see her? Read on for more details.

Mama June Returning To Television, When & Where?

During the last season of Road to Redemption, fans were ready to see Mama June exit the series. She was consistently absent, making false promises to her family, and leaving them for men. That made viewers feel it was time to dispose of June and turn the show over to her daughters, Pumpkin and Honey Boo Boo. After all, it was becoming more and more about them while fans spent more time getting angry with Mama June.

Mama June/YouTube
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It looked like the spinoff was coming to fruition. Over the summer of 2022, Pumpkin and her family headed to California. They had some business to tend to as well as some speculated production meetings. Then, they were seen filming in September without their mother so it looked like they were getting the show that the fans really wanted. At the same time, Mama June was spotted filming, as well, so would there be rival shows?

Mama June/YouTube
[Credit: YouTube]
Friday, February 17th, during the season finale of Love After Lockup, a quick promo came on. It just so happened to be for the new season of Mama June, now named Family Crisis. Not much information about the show was given but fans only have to wait a few more months for the premiere. Family Crisis is set to start airing in May 2023. Presumably, it will take over for Life After Lockup, which premieres next Friday, February 24th. Yes, it is staying on WeTV where it has found a very happy home. The family has yet to promote the show on the social media accounts just yet and they are plenty active.

Working Together?

As of the New Year, Mama June revealed that she and Pumpkin had reconciled. She was going to be celebrating her 23rd birthday with her in January. Additionally, the family was making an effort to spend time together every week. Does that mean that they have put their differences aside for the new series? Or has the show helped them hash out their issues? As for who will play active roles in Family Crisis, that is to be seen. Yet, Pumpkin has been called out for begging for money from fans so this would be a great opportunity to bring in extra cash.

Are you excited that Mama June is coming back? More so, are you happy to know that the show is arriving in May? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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    1. I’ve spent the past twelve years following Mama June and her delightful brood. Every year I love them more. The thought of them reconciling brings me to tears of joy.

  1. Yes I like watching the show, plus I like how Pumpkin stepped up and took custody of Alania (Honey boo boo) and how its showed her growing up and becoming a very smart young lady. Please don’t ever cancel the show, it actually shows how real life is. Also June is ridiculous on decisions she chooses, Pumpkin and Alania and Josh, basically everyone but June makes the show

  2. I am glad to get an update on the family. I was concerned it was canceled. I love Momma June, Pumpkin and Josh and Honey Boo boo.

    Hope to see the new season, spin-off and all updates!

  3. I loved Honey Boo Boo and Mama June from the beauty pageant circuit days. This is a real family going through all these trials and tribulations of real life. I am so happy they will be returning and would be so disappointed if the show was cancelled!

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