‘Love After Lockup’ Daonte Sierra Homeless & Broke?


Is Love After Lockup alum Daonte Sierra not only homeless but also broke? It was quite clear that he loved to spend a lot of money on his ex-inmate girlfriends. However, did this come at a cost even he did not anticipate? Read on for more details.

Love After Lockup Daonte Sierra Homeless & Broke?

When Daonte first appeared on Love After Lockup, he was with the newly released Nicolle Bradley. He greeted her with a bevy of lavish items that would make any materialistic girl swoon. Then, she was seeing people behind his back and would not be intimate with him unless he got her a breast augmentation. Admittedly, he could not afford this surgery but was determined to do whatever he needed to in order to keep her happy. The procedure never happened but she kept coming back for money even on Life After Lockup when she was with Tia Simmons.

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According to Starcasm, all of this heavy spending may have come back to bite him. Though Daonte was back on the last season of Life After Lockup with Lindsey Downs, she didn’t take from him. She did point out that his credit score could be way higher. Daobne has since moved on with a new woman and this may have contributed to his troubles. Instagrammer @merrypants recently shared that an apartment complex had filed a suit against him in November 2022. He owed them $2,874.00 plus $380 in damages.

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Additionally, Daonte was also sued by a car financing company earlier in 2022 for the amount of $6,630.33. He is now waiting to see if their motion to garnish his wages will go through on March 3rd. It seems he has been battling creditors since 2014 and not really succeeding. As for whether or not he is homeless, he addressed the status of eviction. Essentially, he is saying that the news is making a mountain out of a molehill but for the truth, tune into his YouTube channel. Yes, the Love After Lockup alum is launching Diving Into It With D in the near future.

Can He Fix This?

Daonte’s mother and his best friend warned him about overspending on Love After Lockup and Life After. It seems he did not listen and has lived outside of his means. Additionally, his current lady, CeCe has an interesting track record. Her next court date for embezzlement is on March 8th. Whether or not he has been supporting her throughout all of her drama is unknown. One thing that is for sure is Daonte will not be returning to LAL so he’s not getting that paycheck. His ex, Lindsey Downs will be on the new season will her boyfriend, Blaine Bailey who was featured when she was dating Daonte.

Do you think Daonte is in some serious trouble but is just downplaying it? Furthermore, do you think he brought it on himself? Let us know and watch the season premiere of Life After Lockup Friday on WeTV.

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