‘Love After Lockup’ Where’s Daonte’s Ex Nicolle Now?

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Love After Lockup’s Daonte has not had the best luck on the show. He started out with Nicolle Bradley. However, it seemed that she was just using him. He returned to Life After Lockup with Nicolle but she was also seeing her ex, Tia. She wanted to be with both Daonte and Tia but it just became a mess. In the end, she married Tia, and Daonte dated another ex-inmate and co-star, Lindsey Downs. That looked much more promising. She did not want anything from him but his neediness was too much for her. So, she moved on with her best friend, Blaine. After all of this time, Nicolle has resurfaced. So, what is she up to now? Read on for more details.

Where Is Daonte’s First Love After Lockup Love Nicolle?

She would barely even touch him. When Nicolle was released from prison, she ran into Daonte’s arms and into his money and gifts. Yet, she refused intimacy with him. She did, however, give it up to her ex-boyfriend. Then, she said she would be intimate with Daonte only after he gave her a breast augmentation. The poor man was in debt because of all of the gifts he had gotten her. Then, she started sneaking around with Tia and had no problem being intimate with her.

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Daonte stayed celibate while waiting for Nicolle but was heartbroken up until the last moment. So, where is his ex now? According to Starcasm, it appears she has found a career as a stripper. She made the grand announcement about it in her Instagram story which found its way to Reddit. Nicolle is actually an exotic dancer, to be exact, at a place called Mermaids. The irony of all of this occurred back when she was on the show.

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Despite claiming she struggled with intimacy, she was found to have had a past with Lacey Whitlow. Lacey has also appeared on several seasons of the show. Together, the two were cam girls together prior to Nicolle getting locked up though they used stage names. So, she clearly had no problems with certain intimate behaviors. That was when fans started to call Nicolle out for using Daonte solely for money.

The Future Of Nicolle

Though Daonte’s Love After Lockup days are likely over, Nicolle looks to be flying solo. She was last seen with her wife in August on her Instagram. Since then, she took a brief until late last month. There has been no mention of her wife but Nicolle has chopped up her blonde locks and bleached them white. She appears to be relatively happy so that is all that matters.

Are you surprised that Nicolle is a stripper now? Let us know and watch the new season of Love After Lockup starting December 16th on WeTV.

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