‘Life After Lockup’ Returns: Daonte Sierra Back, Who Else is Confirmed?

Life After Lockup usually returns immediately after the season finale of Love After Lockup. This time, the spinoff took a brief break and the cast is pretty much under lock and key. That is, until now. Thanks to According to Amber, the seven couples have been revealed. There had been a lot of rumors and sources reaching out. Finally, the cast was doing press so Amber felt comfortable enough to spill the cast. It looks like it could be an interesting season if this is completely accurate.

Returning Life After Lockup Faces

There are always some series regulars, starting with Brittany and Marcelino. Last season, she was attempting to open a hallway house but that became a mess when their partner took everything from them. She tried to recover her belongings but she bordered on getting arrested. It ended with the couple bringing in an ex-girlfriend of Brittany’s into their bedroom. Shawn and Sara are back again and this time, they should be married. Based on when it was filmed, Sara may or may not have had the couple’s first child together. He already has six kids and she has one. Yet they ended their season engaged and expecting.


Amber and Puppy had an interesting season. Puppy got engaged but was also not staying with her mom where she was paroled. Amber also went back to an ex but this proved to be a bad situation. Still, she managed to stay out of trouble with her focus solely on work and Puppy. In the end, Puppy got arrested but was soon released. Amber still seems to be thriving so she may be back to protecting her ex and bestie. Finally, Daonte is returning with Lindsey so two seasons colliding. They revealed early on that they would be on this season but it could end up as the hot mess express since they have apparently ended things.

The Newbies

Last season of Love After Lockup introduced a handful of new couples. They were eagerly looking for love behind bars but what happened after release day? Starcasm has the details on who the final three will be. First off, Kevin and Tiffany are back after deciding they want to make it work. The catch is she is bisexual and he loves women a lot so they will be bringing in a possible third party to their relationship. Next up are Tayler and Chance. Viewers were not keen on the former inmate who claims to be Brad Pitt’s cousin. He was abrasive and rude to Tayler who cared for her three kids and twin sister.


However, things softened when he proposed in the finale and she was over the moon happy. Is a wedding on the horizon for this year? Lastly, Branwin and Chazz are back. They have one interesting relationship as they got married immediately after she was released but are separated for about four months. She must stay in Portland so she is living with her friend’s baby daddy. Branwin is torn between staying there and moving to Kentucky to be with Chazz who she seems repulsed by. Can they ever consummate the marriage?

The show is set to return at the end of summer when Mama June: Road to Redemption ends. Are you excited about this cast? Let us know and do not miss the new season of Life After Lockup coming soon.

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