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Kody Brown Becomes Ultimate Villain With Red-Headed Little Boy

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Kody Brown hasn’t always been known as the kindest man in the world. His family has called him manipulative and he has been seen as a villain. In fact, there are episodes of Sister Wives that fans have pulled up where he has verbally attacked people before. The most recent scene included a small boy. Read on to find out what happened.

Kody Brown Bullies A Child

In a clip that was shared online of Sister Wives, Kody is seen in a house full of children. His friends, the Colliers, who are also a polygamist family, are introducing all of their children. Kody Brown is seen talking to one of the younger sons. He is a redheaded little boy, who appears to be very shy. Kody says to him, “Jonathan, my oldest daughter, Aspyn is obsessed with redheads.” Then he tells the cameras, “If my daughter Aspyn were there, she would be crushing on him because she loves red hair.”

The scene went on and was uncomfortable for some viewers to watch. He told Jonathan that Aspyn would have really wanted him to be her boyfriend. Although Kody thinks that this is funny, the child starts getting pretty upset. His face starts turning red and then the camera goes to Meri Brown on the couch. She says, “Oh Kody. Just stop. He’s going to walk out. I could tell it was really starting to embarrass him.” Jonathan did leave the room out of pure embarrassment. To add insult to injury, when the kids are playing games, Jonathan knocks himself out in a game of red rover.

Kody’s Cruel Intentions

This isn’t the first time that viewers have seen Kody Brown pick on someone. Although he thought it was all in good fun, it turns out, this child did not think so. Even some of Kody’s children have picked their mother over him. This happened with Aspyn in fact. A lot of their children said that they would try to be neutral when it came to the divorce, but it has been clear who she chose.

Sister Wives- TLC
Sister Wives- TLC

Kody’s cruel intentions have been seen on the show multiple times. He showed his true colors during the pandemic as he made up rules for the family to follow. However, his children felt that these rules were cruel and kept them from seeing their mothers and siblings. Kody shrugged off a lot of their feelings during this time. While his wives and children were upset with him, he didn’t even seem to care, according to fans.

Do you think that Kody’s bullying of this child was called for? Why didn’t his parents tell Kody to stop? We would love to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay with us at TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives.

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