‘Sister Wives’ Aspyn & Mitch Choose Christine Over Kody Brown

Aspyn and Mitch Thompson- YouTube

Aspyn Brown from TLC’s Sister Wives has surprised a lot of her fans. Additionally, being part of the Brown family has been complicated for her. It looks as if Aspyn has made a tough choice in her life though. Christine and Kody Brown raised their children together and for years were amazing parents to them. Now, fans believe that Aspyn has made the choice to side with Christine in the divorce.

Part of the reason that Christine moved to Utah was to be closer to her kids. Mykelti Padron and Aspyn Brown are two of her daughters that live there. Aspyn is living with her husband, Mitch Thompson and they recently purchased a home together. Not only are they proud homeowners, but they are closer to Christine now. So, does that mean they favor Christine over Kody? Read on for more details.

Details About the Home

Recently, The Sun shared some details on Aspyn and Mitch’s new home. The home was purchased for $445,000 in Midvale, Utah. According to county records, they bought it on December 15, 2022. The home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms and is 1,272 square feet. The happy couple was quick to share some photos of themselves together in front of their home. It looks like this was part of their Christmas excitement this year! Surprisingly, this house is only 20 minutes away from Christine.

Mitch Thompson- Instagram
Mitch Thompson- Instagram

Aspyn boasted about the home on social media as well. It has red brick for the exterior and a fully finished basement and a fireplace. She and Mitch are now first-time homeowners! Additionally, this means that they are pretty close to her sister, Myketi. In fact, Aspyn and Mitch were recently seen with Mykelti’s husband, Tony Padron playing games. However, Kody Brown has yet to say anything about his daughter’s big and exciting move.

Did Aspyn Brown Choose Christine Over Kody Brown?

When it comes to family, Aspyn has always been close to her mother and sisters. She has been seen on vacation with Christine and family. They have taken road trips together and even gone to the beach a few times. Fans felt as if Christine’s children obviously have always been on her side. Indeed, when it came to divorcing Kody, they helped to give her advice in any way that they could. Aspyn has been by Christine’s side every step of the way.

Aspyn Brown- TLC

Evidently, Kody Brown often complains about his children and their choosing sides. Fans believe that there is a clear division between him and his children. Essentially, Aspyn does enjoy time with Christine. Does that ultimately mean that she did choose sides? Fans think that it is pretty clear who she prefers more.

Aspyn Brown’s fans are very happy for her and Mitch. Obviously, they hope to see more of them. Do you think Aspyn prefers Christine over Kody Brown? Let us know and remember you get more of Sister Wives here on TV Shows Ace. 

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  1. they should stick with their mom. who is always there for them. kody has never held his grandchildren. never gave up Robyn for a minute to see them.

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