‘Sister Wives’: Aspyn Brown Does Disney & Beach With Family

Sister Wives Credit: Ysabel Brown IG

Sister Wives fans saw more of Christine and Kody’s daughter Aspyn Brown Johnson in Season 16 than they have in a while. She was there to surprise Ysabel after her surgery and was the one hosting a Utah Thanksgiving. Now, in a sweet twist, she celebrated her birthday in Disney with her husband and her family.

Sister Wives Sweet Aspyn

Viewers first meet Aspyn when she was just a teenager. The first child of Kody and Christine, a lot fell on her plate as the eldest were usually the most responsible. This was seen with Janelle and Kody’s son Logan. He was shown waking up his siblings so they could get dressed and go to school. Furthermore, he was shown cooking breakfast for his five siblings while his mother was working. When the mothers went away for a trip after they moved to Las Vegas, the older siblings were in charge.

Aspyn Brown/YouTube
Aspyn Brown/YouTube

Aspyn was watching her family when her youngest sister, Truely fell ill. It seemed to be the flu but it was not until mother Christine returned that they learned it was far more grave. Truely was suffering kidney failure. Though Kody was around, he had a lot of children to wrangle and Aspyn ultimately felt it was her fault. Luckily, her sister recovered and has been healthy ever since. In 2018, Aspyn married Mitch Johnson in Utah which was shown on Sister Wives. The two have been relatively low-key as Aspyn graduated college the following year.

Celebrating With Family

As the Brown family started to have a great time in Disney World, Aspyn was celebrating her birthday with her sister Mykelti Padron. It appeared Mykelti may have been filming something in Flagstaff but the girls took time to get their nails done. Then, in a family photo on younger sister Ysabel’s Instagram, Apsyn and her husband Mitch were posing with the family. They were all smiles in the lineup of friends and family. Apparently, Janelle, Christine, and Janelle’s daughter, Maddie were in town for a wellness event. It was the perfect time for everyone to go on a vacation which included a trip to the beach.

Credit: Ysabel Brown IG

As viewers saw, Aspyn’s mother, Christine left her husband of over twenty years, Kody in November 2021. The divorce played out on television. Though Aspyn is not very vocal one way or the other, Christine’s Utah children would not subscribe to their father’s overly strict pandemic rules. Hence why Aspyn and Mitch offered to host the 2020 holidays at their home. Since Christine has relocated to Utah, she has spent so much more time with her children (and granddaughter) there.

It is great to see Aspyn back with her family and having a great time, smiling and happy. Would you like to see more of her and Mitch in Season 17 of Sister Wives? Let us know in the comments.

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