‘Sister Wives’: Aspyn Brown Thompson’s Scared But Determined To Make Utah Work

Sister Wives: Aspyn Brown Thompson

Sister Wives fans heard from Aspyn Brown Thomspon that she graduated college this week. She said that later they all got together to celebrate. However, she now updated about her and Mitch moving to Utah. She admits she’s scared about the changes but is determined to make it all work.

Sister Wives fans not sure what job Aspyn Brown Thomspon takes up in Utah

Taking to her Instagram Tuesday, Aspyn talked a bit more about her graduation. TV Shows Ace wrote about her big grad day, noting that Robyn missed the event. However, we noted, “It’s not likely she would deliberately hurt Aspyn on her special day. In fact, Aspyn herself talked about it, saying Robyn “was really sad to miss it but woke up feeling terrible. She celebrated with all of us later .”’

What Aspyn didn’t say on the Instagram post, was that she also moved to Utah the same day. In her latest post about it, she wrote, “The last couple days have been filled with ups and downs and bittersweets. I graduated then on the same day Mitch and I moved to Utah so I could be ready to start work today.” Aspyn adds that it’s all a bit crazy at the moment. However, despite questions by Sister Wives fans, she didn’t elaborate on what job she’s taken up in Utah.


Scared and out of her comfort zone, Aspyn asks for ‘good vibes’

The Brown family really split up a lot these days. Some younger kids and the four sister wifes all live in Flagstaff, Arizona. Mariah’s down in Chicago, Maddie Brown Brush moved to North Carolina, and some of the boys went off to college and the military. Now, for Aspyn, living in Utah takes her away from her siblings as well. Okay, she came from Utah, so it’s not that big a move. However, anyone would be nervous about a first day on the job.

In her Instagram post, Aspyn detailed how scary it all is. She told Sister Wives fans that she’s “scared,” adding, “I took public transit to get to work which I love but it’s a lot to navigate. Also, I left some people who I will miss so so much and leaving them is the toughest. Keep sending the good vibes, my friends!! ☀️💛 It is all good, but it is new.”


Fans of Sister Wives encourage Aspyn on her new journey in Utah

Stepping up to bat for Aspyn, fans of the TLC show quickly encouraged her on her new life in Utah. Here’s what some of them said to her:

  • @Lau**: “I just moved to Utah on Friday and it is daunting for sure! I’m there with ya! But you will be fine and continue to do great things with your husband!”
  • @Bra**: “You got this. Look at all you’ve accomplished so far. One day at a time.”
  • @Deb**: “Congratulations and stay positive. You are a strong young lady with the world ahead of you 🙂”

What do you think about Aspyn Brown Thompson getting scared about her new job and her new life in Utah? Do you think everything should come right for her soon? Have you ever been scared when you moved or started a new job? Shout out your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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