Pregnant Kate Chastain Counts Down To First Martini

Kate Chastain [Source: YouTube]

Kate Chastain is opening up about her pregnancy. Just don’t expect the Below Deck alum to share every detail of her unborn child just yet. She spoke out about the countdown to her first martini. The former chief stew also explained why she isn’t sharing every detail of her pregnancy.

Pregnant Below Deck alum can’t wait to drink again

Kate Chastain is enjoying her pregnancy. Still, she can’t wait to drink again. During her interview with ET Online, she joked that she’s counting down to her first martini. More importantly, she’ll be happy to have her body back. She has “82 days” left until she gives birth.

“I have 82 days until I can have a martini, but who’s counting?” Kate Chastain joked. “You know, I’ve been very lucky — easiest pregnancy ever, from what I’ve heard! I’ve not been sick. I’ve only craved donuts, so as eager as I am to be able to like have a drink again, and have my body back, it does occur to me that I’ll also have a baby when that happens.”

Kate Chastain [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
The Bravo star admits that she’s “excited” about giving birth, but she’s “not really in a rush.” She’s just enjoying what’s left of this pregnancy. Kate first received the baby news when she started doing press for Peacock’s hit reality show The Traitors. She had to keep this big secret to herself.

Kate also attended the BravoCon 2022, where she received invites to have drinks with her fellow personalities. She lied and said she was on antibiotics. She is so bad at lying that she ended up “locking myself in my hotel room.” Kate noted that “nobody called me out,” but she did nearly slip up to Summer House star Luke Gulbranson.

Why Kate Chastain is keeping her pregnancy private

Below Deck fans were in shock over Kate Chastain’s baby news. They wanted more details. However, out of respect for her unborn child, Kate doesn’t want to share any details at this moment. She made it clear that it was a solo pregnancy that she didn’t plan.

Kate also knows the baby’s gender but is also keeping that private. Once the baby arrives, she will be the type of mom to show it off on social media. She can’t wait to share those moments with her fans and followers.

Kate Chastain [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]
“I don’t really see the point in that,” Kate Chastain explained. “I mean, I respect people’s privacy, but I’m going to be obsessed with this baby, obviously, and if I put that limitation on myself to be careful, it wouldn’t last. I’m just gonna be like, ‘Look how cute! Look how cute my baby is!'”

The former Bravo’s Chat Room co-host shared the exciting news with Ben Robinson and Captain Lee Rosbach. Kate admits that Captain Lee and his wife Mary Anne will be like grandparents to her bundle of joy “like it or not.” Kate also shared that she will be a “strict mom.” She wants to teach her child manners and respect.

What are your thoughts on Kate Chastain counting down to her first martini? What do you think of her keeping her pregnancy private? Sound off below in the comment section.

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