‘Below Deck’: Kate Chastain Pregnant With First Child

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Exciting news for fans of Below Deck as Kate Chastain is pregnant with her very first child. The reality TV personality sat down with People Magazine to open up with the outlet exclusively about her pregnancy. Turns out, this is a pretty new pregnancy as her due date isn’t until May of next year.

What did Kate Chastain have to share with Below Deck fans regarding her pregnancy? Keep reading for the exciting details.

Below Deck: Kate Chastain pregnant with baby number one

The Florida native admitted to People Magazine that she was absolutely thrilled to learn she was going to become a mother. Turns out, having children was something Kate has always wanted. So, she was very much living in a moment where one of her dreams had come true.

After the exclusive pregnancy news broke via People Magazine, Kate Chastain didn’t waste any time posting a picture of her adorable baby bump on Instagram. The thrilled mother-to-be included both pink and blue hearts which suggested she had no idea what the gender of her baby was just yet.

Below Deck Kate Chastain Admits To Being The Worst Chief Stew [Credit: Kate Chastain/Instagram]
[Credit: Kate Chastain/Instagram]
In a caption attached to the photo, the reality TV personality admitted she already had tons of birthday theme parties planned. In the photo, she was rocking a snug black thin strapped dress with a vibrant floral pattern. Rocking a pair of sunglasses, one hand was holding the photo so she could snap the photo. The other hand was firmly supporting her back suggesting the growing baby bump may already be causing her some back pain.

Her followers react to her pregnancy news

In just two hours, her 967K Instagram followers liked her baby bump photo over 100K times. They also left a little over 3,000 comments reacting to the news. For the most part, her followers agreed that she was glowing in her selfie. And, they were so excited to learn she was pregnant! Here’s what some of her followers said as they reacted to the news:

  • “How did I miss this!?? Congratulations”
  • “Oh my god I’m so happy for you!!! You’ll be an amazing mum.”
  • “I think I speak for everyone when I say…WHAT????? We needs deets STAT! Congratulations mama”

Overall, most of her followers were just shocked to learn she was pregnant. And, they wanted her to drop the details as soon as possible.


Are you surprised to learn Kate Chastain of Below Deck is pregnant with her very first baby? Let us know your thoughts down below. And, keep coming back for more reality TV news.

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  1. Ben must be very excited to meet his offspring! I’m sure he’s keeping Kate in the luxury she thinks she deserves..wow that kid will be the snarkiest, most entitled acting brat I bet, lol..

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